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Prototyping Building Blocks

Lego has existed for 85 years. The company was founded August 10, 1932, and after all these years, the concept of building structures big and small still hasn’t lost any of its charm. For my children, now 10 and 12, it is probably the most played with toy throughout their childhood. As with any new purchase, they initially and carefully build the specific design for the instructions included in the box. They typically play with the object for a couple of days or a maximum of a few weeks before disassembling or plainly wrecking it and adding it to their big pile of Lego blocks that they use to build anything their imagination can come up with.

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When A Lot May Not Be Enough

For the last couple of months my son has been trying to save for a Nintendo Switch. The emphasis here is on “trying to.” The problem is that whenever he amasses enough money to buy something else, he tends to spend the money on a cheaper toy like a new Lego Dimensions figure. I guess that delayed gratification isn’t really a strength of my son. His assumption is that the best way to collect enough money is to wait for the big events like his birthday and Christmas/New Year rather than carefully putting aside his weekly allowance.

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Verification And Validation Don’t Mean The Same Thing

While often used intermixed, verification and validation are quite different procedures with different goals and different means to achieve those goals.

No better way to clear up the confusion…

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Learn From The Experts

I visited SNUG Silicon Valley last week. This annual Synopsys User Group event at the Santa Clara Convention Center is always a good way to get in touch with the end users of various EDA products.

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