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High Debug Productivity Is the FPGA Prototyping Game Changer: Part 1

Learn how our high-performance FPGA prototyping tools enable RTL debug for chip validation teams, eliminating simulation/emulation during hardware debugging.

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Providing University Students with Real-World Chip Design Experience

Our Electronic Design University Program gives students access to the latest IC design & EDA tools, fostering the next generation of chip design engineers.

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Sharpen Your Silicon Design Expertise at Synopsys Events this Fall

Fall 2021 silicon design events are almost here! Join us for ARC Processor Virtual Summit, Verification Day 2021, and the Digital Design Technology Symposium.

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What Are Key ISO 26262 Functional Safety Challenges for Automotive Design and Verification Teams?

We explain ISO 26262 and automotive functional safety certification challenges, from finding design failures to avoiding bugs in functional safety mechanisms.

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Beyond Machine Learning and Homomorphic Encryption: Why Advanced Verification Is Key to Fueling a New Era of AI Chips

Learn how advanced SoC verification (equivalence checking) & SoC security (homomorphic encryption) technologies help chip designers create specialized AI chips.

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Shift Left for BOTH Software AND Hardware Development with Virtual Prototyping

We explain how virtual prototyping tools work alongside FPGA prototyping tools to shift both SoC design and software development left in the development cycle.

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Turning mm Waves into a Netflix Movie: 5G SoC Emulation

We explore the challenges of 5G rollout and how SoC emulation enables powerful, reliable 5G SoC verification to fuel the explosion of 5G use cases such as IoT.

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Why Wait Days for Results? The Next Frontier for Power Verification

Learn why SoC emulation is the next frontier for power system optimization, helping chip designers shift power verification left in the SoC design flow.

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What’s Driving the Demand for 200G, 400G, and 800G Ethernet?

Hyperscale data centers are driving demand for high-bandwidth Ethernet protocols at speeds up to 800G to support HPC, AI, video streaming, and cloud computing.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Designing Your New Product Architecture

We explain how virtual prototyping eliminates ASIC design bugs before RTL, and how chip architecture design modeling correlates key performance attributes.

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