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UFS 4.0 Explained: How the Latest Flash Storage Standard Propels Our 5G World

We explain the UFS 4.0 specification for flash storage and explore how data transfer rates up to 5800 MBps enhance smartphones, vehicles, AR/VR, and beyond.

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How the MACsec Protocol Keeps Ethernet Networks Secure

We explain how the MACsec protocol works as one of the fundamentals of network security, ensuring Ethernet interface security for automotive, HPC and beyond.

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Secure DDR DRAM Against Rowhammer, RAMBleed, and Cold-Boot Attacks

Learn how to design security into high-bandwidth DDR memory interfaces and protect DRAM devices & data from memory-scraping attacks like Rowhammer & RAMbleed.

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New PCIe TDISP Architecture Secures Device Interfaces with Virtual Servers

Part of the PCIe 6.0 specification, learn how the TEE Device Interface Security Protocol (TDISP) secures I/O virtualization & enables secure key exchange.

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Why Now Is the Time to Address Quantum Computing’s Impact on Cryptography

Explore quantum computing’s impact on cryptography and learn how to prepare SoC designs for post-quantum computing and evolving cryptographic standards.

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What’s Driving the World’s First Analog and Mixed-Signal Emulation Technology?

Learn how analog and mixed-signal (AMS) verification technology, which we developed as part of DARPA’s POSH and ERI programs, emulates analog designs.

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5 Strategies for Protecting Your Advanced SoC Designs from Security Breaches

We share 4 strategies for protecting advanced SoCs & chip designs, including chip design tools embedded with security standards & third-party certifications.

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Security for SoC Interfaces Takes Center Stage in Data Protection

We explore security for SoC interfaces and share how SoC design can enhance data security by protecting devices through authentication and encryption.

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How AI Helps Cameras See More Clearly

Learn how AI-powered cameras and neural network image processing enable everything from smartphone portraits to machine vision and automotive safety features.

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Robust Security for Cloud-Based Chip Design and Verification

We explore the importance of cloud security in cloud-based chip design and verification, and unpack the key pillars of security in our cloud EDA tools.

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