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How SOAFEE Is Accelerating Virtual Development and Testing of Connected Vehicle Applications in the Cloud

Explore the SOAFEE project’s cloud-native virtual prototyping for connected vehicle applications and ADAS systems in the era of software-defined vehicles.

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How Digital Twins Are Unlocking the Next Era of Aerospace and Government Applications

Digital twins are transforming the aerospace and defense industries; see how virtual prototyping tools accelerate development for government applications.

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Driving the Future of Innovation in Automotive with Digital Twins for Electronic Systems Development

Learn about digital twins and their impact on the automotive industry, including earlier development and testing for automotive SoCs, ADAS, ECUs, and more.

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How High-Speed Functional Interfaces Enable Fast, In-Field Silicon Testing

Explore the silicon testing methods that replace existing I/O with functional interfaces which reduce testing time and enable product lifecycle management.

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How Virtual Prototyping Tools Fast-Track Software Innovation and Time-to-Market

Learn how virtual prototyping tools have replaced physical prototyping, reducing time-to-market by enabling pre-silicon software testing and code debugging.

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Customer Spotlight: NXP’s New Class of Processors Enables Safe Multi-Application Integration for Consolidated Vehicle Architectures

Virtual prototyping tools shift software development for automotive processors earlier in the electric vehicle design cycle, learn how with customer NXP.

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A Year in Review: A Recap of Key Milestones and Moments in 2021

We’re looking back at 2021’s breakthroughs & milestones; explore key developments in EDA tools, SoC verification, connected vehicles, and life at Synopsys.

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From Road to PC: Accelerating Intelligent Software Growth with Virtual ECUs

Lean how virtual electronic control units (ECUs) accelerate automotive design and enable advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for connected vehicles.

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Explore how cloud-based FPGA prototyping tools accelerate the SoC design flow, enabling pre-silicon chip validation & easing workflows for shorter time-to-market.

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High Debug Productivity Is the FPGA Prototyping Game Changer: Part 2

Explore key challenges of performing RTL debug using an FPGA prototyping system, along with game-changing debugging tools for enhanced chip design verification.

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