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Shift Left for BOTH Software AND Hardware Development with Virtual Prototyping

We explain how virtual prototyping tools work alongside FPGA prototyping tools to shift both SoC design and software development left in the development cycle.

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Why Wait Days for Results? The Next Frontier for Power Verification

Learn why SoC emulation is the next frontier for power system optimization, helping chip designers shift power verification left in the SoC design flow.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Designing Your New Product Architecture

We explain how virtual prototyping eliminates ASIC design bugs before RTL, and how chip architecture design modeling correlates key performance attributes.

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Approximating Silicon with Scaled-Out FPGA Prototyping Farms

We explore the advantages of FPGA prototyping in the chip design process, as ASICs trend towards multi-billion gate designs for AI, machine learning & beyond.

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Synopsys Makes Headlines with PrimeSim Continuum, an Innovative Circuit Simulation Solution

Our new IC design tool, PrimeSim Continuum, enables the next generation of hyper-convergent IC designs. Learn more from eeNews, Electronic Design & EE Times.

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Advanced Nodes Drive Demand for Advanced Library Characterization and Validation Solutions

Introducing PrimeLib, an SoC design tool that maps the latest chip technologies & enables correct-by-construction design for SoCs at advanced process nodes.

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PrimeSim Continuum Meets the Challenge of Hyper-Convergent ICs with Faster SPICE Engines and a More Unified Simulation Workflow

Learn how PrimeSim Continuum, our new IC design solution, delivers the IC verification tools & SPICE simulation speed needed for modern hyper-convergent ICs.

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Scaling FPGA-Based Prototyping to Meet Verification Demands of Complex SoCs

Explore the history of FPGA prototyping in the SoC design/verification process and learn about HAPS-100, a new prototyping system for complex AI & HPC SoCs.

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How Virtual Prototyping Accelerates Development of Electric Vehicles

See how virtual prototyping & EDA tools accelerate the electric car design process by helping designers find electric vehicle design & software faults earlier.

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2020 Recap: “Smart Everything” Year in Review

We cap off 2020 with a look at this year’s Smart Everything developments, including AI advancements, new EDA tools, 5G’s global rollout, and security in design.

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