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Achieving Faster Turnaround Time on Engineering Change Orders

Explore the Functional ECO (engineering change order) process and learn how to accelerate the SoC design flow and reduce iterations with first-time-right ECOs.

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Silicon Lifecycle Management: Enabling Silicon Visibility Through Intelligent Analysis

Silicon lifecycle management (SLM) enables end-to-end visibility throughout the SoC design, manufacturing, and deployment process through intelligent analysis.

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AI: The Next Chapter in the Evolution of Verification

We look at how AI and machine learning boost SoC verification, enhancing both static and formal verification and increasing chip simulation performance.

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Synopsys Cloud SaaS Instances: Faster Time-to-Market for Higher Quality Chips

See how cloud-based EDA tools and ready-to-use chip design flows accelerate the SoC design & verification process, thanks to Saas Instances on Synopsys Cloud.

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GUC Boosts Productivity with Synopsys IC Compiler II Automated FreeForm Macro Placement Technology

We explain how chip floorplan design automation saves time and improves place and route (P&R) quality with insights from customer Global Unichip Corp. (GUC).

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Uncovering Actionable Chip Design Insights Through ML-Driven Big Data Analytics

We explain how machine learning uncovers actionable insights throughout the chip design flow and how DesignDash accelerates debugging and design optimization.

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How Synopsys Point-of-Care 3D Printing Helps Clinicians and Patients

Explore the world of point-of-care (POC) anatomical 3D printing and learn how our AI-enabled Simpleware software eliminates manual segmentation & landmarking.

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Dive Deep into New Neural Processor IP at the Embedded Vision Summit 2022

Embedded Vision Summit 2022 is on the horizon! Dive into the neural processing world & explore trends driving demand for high performance neural network models.

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5 Reasons Why Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA Model Will Transform the EDA Landscape

Explore the impact of cloud-based EDA tools on the chip design process and see how our new FlexEDA model simplifies licensing, pricing and infrastructure.

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Cloud-Based Chip Design Gets a Flexibility Boost with EDA’s First Broad-Scale SaaS Model

Cloud EDA tools are now more flexible than ever. Learn how Synopsys Cloud brings the scalability of a SaaS model to our industry-leading chip design tools.

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