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Q&A with Synopsys CSO Deirdre Hanford: How Cybersecurity is Driving Business Forward

Synopsys CSO Deirdre Hanford discusses cybersecurity threats, best practices, and the “Human Firewall.”

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Harnessing the Power of Women in Tech: a USA Today Feature

Women play vital roles in developing the tools that engineers around the world use to design smart chips and develop secure code for the amazing devices that are changing the way we work and play. USA Today recently featured three Synopsys engineers, who reflect on their experiences as women in tech and offer advice on carving out success in a male-dominated field.

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Running Out of IoT Privacy

A few weeks ago, the fitness company Strava published a worldwide heatmap showing specific routes their customers have taken over the years. While it is a visual heatmap of human activity on the planet, according to various security researchers the heatmap also exposed private areas such as routes within top secret military bases. This is not a conventional data breach where sensitive data was exposed through a specific vulnerability in the software or device. In this case the device and software operated as designed. Rather, the flaw appears to be in how the end-user has configured their device in terms of collection and sharing, and that’s a flaw all too common in the Internet of Things (IoT) today.

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