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Unified Power Format (UPF) and Beyond: How to Expand Low-Power Signoff

We explain how advanced power management techniques including Unified Power Format (UPF) expand low power design techniques and enhance IC design efficiency.

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Sharpen Your Silicon Design Expertise at Synopsys Events this Fall

Fall 2021 silicon design events are almost here! Join us for ARC Processor Virtual Summit, Verification Day 2021, and the Digital Design Technology Symposium.

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Why Wait Days for Results? The Next Frontier for Power Verification

Learn why SoC emulation is the next frontier for power system optimization, helping chip designers shift power verification left in the SoC design flow.

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Empowered By Real-World Software to Find Power Bugs

We explain how to find dynamic power & leakage power bugs during SoC verification, using pre-silicon emulation for full-stack system-level power analysis.

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Q&A with Dr. Renu Mehra of Synopsys Silicon Realization Group: Pioneering Automated Power Management Technologies for Chip Design

We discuss low power design with Dr. Renu Mehra, R&D group director in our Digital Design Group, along with her career in STEM & the future of RTL synthesis.

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Get Actionable Power Verification Results in Hours on Billion-Gate Designs

Power analysis is key to the SoC design process; learn how emulation solutions deliver actionable power verification results in hours to help meet PPA targets.

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Addressing Power Challenges in AI Hardware

We explain how AI chip designers can address SoC glitch power & reduce hardware power consumption early in the design cycle by leveraging chip design tools.

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Key Power Predictions for Chip Design in 2021

We discuss chip design predictions for 2021, including Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things’ unique power management challenges between HPC & edge SoCs.

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