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4 Futuristic Design Takeaways from the AI Hardware Summit 2021

We share AI chip design insights from AI Hardware Summit 2021, including wafer scale AI accelerator chips, high-bandwidth memory interfaces, and custom SoCs.

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Sharpen Your Silicon Design Expertise at Synopsys Events this Fall

Fall 2021 silicon design events are almost here! Join us for ARC Processor Virtual Summit, Verification Day 2021, and the Digital Design Technology Symposium.

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Why Hyper-Convergent Designs Demand an All or Nothing Approach

We explain the importance of hyper-convergent-friendly chip design tools for larger, more complex IC designs powering HPC & advanced software infrastructure.

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Synopsys Makes Headlines with PrimeSim Continuum, an Innovative Circuit Simulation Solution

Our new IC design tool, PrimeSim Continuum, enables the next generation of hyper-convergent IC designs. Learn more from eeNews, Electronic Design & EE Times.

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PrimeSim Continuum Meets the Challenge of Hyper-Convergent ICs with Faster SPICE Engines and a More Unified Simulation Workflow

Learn how PrimeSim Continuum, our new IC design solution, delivers the IC verification tools & SPICE simulation speed needed for modern hyper-convergent ICs.

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Onward and Upward: Enhancing 3DIC Design Productivity with a Unified Platform

3D ICs help SoC designers extend the design scale beyond Moore’s Law; learn how unified 3D IC design tools enable faster convergence for multi-die chips.

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Why Datapath Validation Is Important—and How HECTOR Technology Can Help

With DVCon 2021 on the horizon we share a primer on our datapath verification technology HECTOR, exploring its impact on machine learning & AI chip design.

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How Machine Learning Enables Faster, More Accurate 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Learn how machine learning is transforming 3D Image Segmentation for more efficient medical imaging, saving medical clinics hours and exporting high-quality 3D models from complex datasets.

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Smart IoT Edge Applications Require Lower Power Processing

Low-power processing is essential for Smart Edge IoT applications. See what this means for smart home speakers and other devices enabled by machine learning.

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Harnessing the Power of Women in Tech: a USA Today Feature

Women play vital roles in developing the tools that engineers around the world use to design smart chips and develop secure code for the amazing devices that are changing the way we work and play. USA Today recently featured three Synopsys engineers, who reflect on their experiences as women in tech and offer advice on carving out success in a male-dominated field.

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