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Why Embedded MRAMs Are the Future for Advanced-Node SoCs

We explain embedded magnetoresistive random access memory (eMRAM) and its low-power SoC design applications as a non-volatile memory alternative to SRAM & Flash.

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How to Safeguard Automotive OTA Updates at Scale

Learn how software verification & robust infrastructure safeguard automotive OTA updates to improve ADAS and automotive cybersecurity for connected vehicles.

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A Year in Review: A Recap of Key Technology Advances and Adventures in 2022

We recap 2022 at Synopsys, including cloud-based chip design tools, machine learning and AI-powered EDA solutions, multi-die systems, and secure interface IP.

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What You Need to Know About Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability in High-Performance Computing

Explore the key components of high-performance computing and learn how to design reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) into HPC clusters & systems.

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What It Means for an IP Vendor to Offer ASIC-Like Services

Explore what it means for semiconductor IP companies to offer ASIC-like chip design services and learn how turnkey IP solutions ease the SoC design flow.

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How the Electronics Industry Can Shape a More Sustainable, Energy-Efficient World

We explore hyperscale datacenters & internet traffic’s impact on climate change and discuss how energy-efficient system design shapes a sustainable future.

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Why Now Is the Time to Address Quantum Computing’s Impact on Cryptography

Explore quantum computing’s impact on cryptography and learn how to prepare SoC designs for post-quantum computing and evolving cryptographic standards.

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Synopsys Joins IFS Alliance for Development of Secure Microelectronics for U.S. DoD

We’re joining Intel Foundry Services’ USMAG (United States Military, Aerospace and Government) Alliance to help bolster US semiconductor design & manufacturing.

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How SOAFEE Is Accelerating Virtual Development and Testing of Connected Vehicle Applications in the Cloud

Explore the SOAFEE project’s cloud-native virtual prototyping for connected vehicle applications and ADAS systems in the era of software-defined vehicles.

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Delivering a Secure, Cloud-Based SoC Design Environment for Aerospace Chip Designers

We’re enabling secure SoC design for aerospace applications with cloud-based EDA tools on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, as part of the DoD’s RAMP program.

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