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From Silicon Design to End of Life—Mitigate Memory Failures to Boost Reliability

See how memory design techniques boost reliability throughout the silicon lifecycle and learn the difference between safety & reliability in electronic design.

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Q&A with Sergio Silva, Synopsys Engineering Manager and MIPI Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

We discuss MIPI protocol and the M-PHY specification with project director Sergio Silva, recent winner of the MIPI Alliance’s lifetime achievement award.

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Secure DDR DRAM Against Rowhammer, RAMBleed, and Cold-Boot Attacks

Learn how to design security into high-bandwidth DDR memory interfaces and protect DRAM devices & data from memory-scraping attacks like Rowhammer & RAMbleed.

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From ChatGPT to Computer Vision Processing: How Deep-Learning Transformers Are Shaping Our World

Learn how transformer deep-learning models, used in ChatGPT, augment convolutional neural networks to enhance embedded computer vision processing applications.

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Why Embedded MRAMs Are the Future for Advanced-Node SoCs

We explain embedded magnetoresistive random access memory (eMRAM) and its low-power SoC design applications as a non-volatile memory alternative to SRAM & Flash.

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Get the Most Out of Your Next-Generation PCIe 6.0.1 Design

Learn about the new PCIe 6.0.1 specification and explore the role of PCI-SIG certified controller & verification IP for end-to-end protocol verification.

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How High-Speed Functional Interfaces Enable Fast, In-Field Silicon Testing

Explore the silicon testing methods that replace existing I/O with functional interfaces which reduce testing time and enable product lifecycle management.

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UCIe Heralds a Robust Chiplet Ecosystem for a New Era of SoC Innovation

We explain chiplets and share how Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) enables multi-die designs for SoC design innovation beyond Moore’s Law.

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How AI Helps Cameras See More Clearly

Learn how AI-powered cameras and neural network image processing enable everything from smartphone portraits to machine vision and automotive safety features.

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Customer Spotlight: STMicroelectronics Accelerates Design of Special-Purpose, High-Reliability Processors with Synopsys ASIP Designer

Learn how our ASIP Designer tool accelerates the ASIP design and verification process with a behind-the-scenes look at customer STMicroelectronics.

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