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Customer Spotlight: Aaroh Labs Delivers Rapid Design of Advanced-Node SoCs

Synopsys customer Aaroh Labs’s expertise in SoC design, post-silicon validation & analog components facilitates innovation in large, complex, multi-core chips.

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How 5G Networks Will Accelerate Development of Smart Cities

New 5G infrastructure is powering smart city projects worldwide; explore the importance of IoT security for smart city solutions in public safety & logistics.

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IoT’s Inconvenient Truth: IoT Security Is a Never-Ending Battle

IoT security is an ongoing battle, requiring innovative solutions to secure data. Explore the latest IoT security solutions & the impact of IoT SoC design.

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5 Key Innovations that Are Making Everything Smarter

Learn how electronic design automation (EDA) tools & silicon-proven IP enable today’s most influential smart tech, including ADAS, 5G, IoT, and Cloud services.

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2020 Recap: “Smart Everything” Year in Review

We cap off 2020 with a look at this year’s Smart Everything developments, including AI advancements, new EDA tools, 5G’s global rollout, and security in design.

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Smart IoT Edge Applications Require Lower Power Processing

Low-power processing is essential for Smart Edge IoT applications. See what this means for smart home speakers and other devices enabled by machine learning.

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Top 4 Takeaways from ARC Processor Virtual Summit 2020

By Editorial Team

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How the Triple Shift Left Approach Drives the Auto Industry Forward

By Chris Clark, Senior Manager of Embedded Ecosystems

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Video: Moore’s Law Gets A Vitality Infusion

Synopsys Chairman and co-CEO Aart de Geus discusses how 3DIC technology is infusing vitality into Moore’s Law, driving innovation for the semiconductor industry.

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Synopsys Brings a Secure Silicon Mentality to Chipset Design in DARPA’s AISS Program

Synopsys joins DARPA’s AISS program as a chip design contractor, developing security-aware EDA tools to accelerate time to market in the chipset design process.

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