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4 Key Considerations When Evaluating EDA in the Cloud

We share 4 key criteria for evaluating cloud-based EDA tools, including cloud security and data migration, which enhance silicon design & chip verification.

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How EDA in the Cloud Fuels Semiconductor Innovation

Cloud-based EDA tools are sparking innovation in the semiconductor design industry, learn how they help chip designers meet time, quality, and cost targets.

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The Quest for the Most Advanced Networking SoC: Achieving Breakthrough Verification Efficiency with Cloud-Based Emulation

Learn how cloud-based SoC design and functional verification systems such as ZeBu Cloud accelerate networking SoC readiness across both hardware & software.

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Arm Collaboration Helps You Meet PPA Targets Faster for AI, Cloud, and 5G Infrastructure Chiplets

Explore our collaboration with Arm and learn how our EDA tools help you design chiplets and SoCs while meeting aggressive PPA and time-to-market targets.

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Synopsys and IBM Research: Driving Real Progress in Large-Scale AI Silicon and Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Model for Chip Design

Hybrid Cloud architecture enables innovation in AI chip design; learn how our partnership with IBM combines the best in EDA & HPC to improve AI performance.

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2020 Recap: “Smart Everything” Year in Review

We cap off 2020 with a look at this year’s Smart Everything developments, including AI advancements, new EDA tools, 5G’s global rollout, and security in design.

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Top High-Performance Computing and Cloud Predictions for 2021

Synopsys thought leaders explore the future of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and the cloud in 2021, including new applications & COVID-19’s continued impact.

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