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NHTSA Shares Best Practices for Improving Automotive Cybersecurity

We explain the NHTSA’s latest automotive cybersecurity best practices, including guidelines to protect automotive ECUs and connected vehicle technologies.

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Your Car Is a Smartphone on Wheels—and It Needs Smartphone Security

Connected vehicles are now part of the Internet of Things, and need IoT security to match. Explore automotive cybersecurity & the NHTSA, SAE & ISO standards.

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2020 Recap: “Smart Everything” Year in Review

We cap off 2020 with a look at this year’s Smart Everything developments, including AI advancements, new EDA tools, 5G’s global rollout, and security in design.

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How Shifting Security Left Enables More Robust Defense Applications

Security is imperative for defense applications; we explore how shifting security left in the design process (DevSecOps) allows security & speed to coexist.

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MISRA–AUTOSAR: Securing the Connected Car

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association recently announced it is merging its C++ guidelines with AUTOSAR. Will this unified standard for safety-related code development be enough to safeguard the future of the connected car?

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Harnessing the Power of Women in Tech: a USA Today Feature

Women play vital roles in developing the tools that engineers around the world use to design smart chips and develop secure code for the amazing devices that are changing the way we work and play. USA Today recently featured three Synopsys engineers, who reflect on their experiences as women in tech and offer advice on carving out success in a male-dominated field.

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MISRA Compliance: Hit the Road with More Secure Cars

When security researchers first demonstrated that they could hack a car over the internet to control its brakes and transmission, Chrysler had to recall 1.4 million vehicles to fix the software vulnerability. The infamous Jeep hack of 2015 was an expensive wake-up call for the automotive industry. So, what has changed since then?

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Synopsys Surveys Find Agreement in Application Security Across Europe and Asia

Two new surveys from Synopsys find there is general alignment among C-level IT professionals, managers, and executives in Europe and in Asia in terms of application security concerns and mitigations. Although the percentages differ by region, the order in which concerns and solutions ranked generally agreed.

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