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From Secure Silicon to 3DICs, Synopsys Highlights Innovations at DARPA ERI Summit

We’re showcasing chip design & EDA innovations at DARPA’s 2021 Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) Summit & MTO Symposium, including 3DICs & SoC emulation.

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How Radiation Modeling Via TCAD Enhances Reliability of Space Systems

Learn how TCAD software helps chip designers create radiation-hardened chips that conform to NASA’s pillars for reliability, security, and fault-tolerance.

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Mars Perseverance Rover Features First Zoom Lens in Deep Space

The Perseverance Mars rover will search for evidence of life with the first zoom lens in a deep space instrument. Learn about the breakthrough Mastcam-Z.

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2020 Recap: “Smart Everything” Year in Review

We cap off 2020 with a look at this year’s Smart Everything developments, including AI advancements, new EDA tools, 5G’s global rollout, and security in design.

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How Shifting Security Left Enables More Robust Defense Applications

Security is imperative for defense applications; we explore how shifting security left in the design process (DevSecOps) allows security & speed to coexist.

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Synopsys Brings a Secure Silicon Mentality to Chipset Design in DARPA’s AISS Program

Synopsys joins DARPA’s AISS program as a chip design contractor, developing security-aware EDA tools to accelerate time to market in the chipset design process.

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