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Ron Lowman

Ron Lowman joined Synopsys in 2014 and is currently the AI strategic marketing manager for the Solutions Group. He is responsible for driving the company’s AI market IP initiatives, including strategic business and market trend analysis. Prior to joining Synopsys, Ron spent 16 years at Motorola/Freescale in controls engineering, automotive product & test engineering, product management, business development, operations, and strategy roles. He holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin.

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How AI Helps Cameras See More Clearly

Learn how AI-powered cameras and neural network image processing enable everything from smartphone portraits to machine vision and automotive safety features.

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Posted in Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Internet of Things, IP, Robotics, Security


What Is Edge Computing and How Is AI Driving Its Growth?

We explain edge computing and how artificial intelligence (AI) expands edge computing use cases by overcoming cloud computing disadvantages such as latency.

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Posted in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things


From Server Farms to Home Assistants: The Growth of Specialized Artificial Intelligence IP in SoCs

Explore the growth of specialized SoC IP in AI chip design and how chip designers use it to enable deep learning applications and edge AI accelerators alike.

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Posted in Artificial Intelligence, IP


Accelerating IoT Designs: Designing for Low Power in the Era of Smart Everything

Learn how low-power design techniques such as clock gating, multi voltage domains, and register retention enable efficient IoT SoCs and IoT edge devices.

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Posted in Internet of Things, Power


How 5G Networks Will Accelerate Development of Smart Cities

New 5G infrastructure is powering smart city projects worldwide; explore the importance of IoT security for smart city solutions in public safety & logistics.

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Posted in 5G, Internet of Things


Enabling the 5G Rollout: Why Efficient and Flexible IP Is Key for Semiconductor Design

5G rollout means new challenges in chip design; learn how our 5G IP solutions & SoC design tools deliver top performance for 5G infrastructure applications.

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Posted in 5G