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Dude, Where’s My Autonomous Car?

Researchers forecast that by 2025 we’ll see approximately 8 million autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles on the road. Before merging onto roadways, autonomous cars will first have to progress through six levels of driver-assistance technology advancements. What exactly are these levels and where are we now? 

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MISRA–AUTOSAR: Securing the Connected Car

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association recently announced it is merging its C++ guidelines with AUTOSAR. Will this unified standard for safety-related code development be enough to safeguard the future of the connected car?

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5G: The Future of Connected Everything

5G holds the promise of a mobile-first experience with blazing-fast downloads and seamless streaming. 5G cellular service will be the first step. But 5G goes way beyond smartphones. It aims to transform wireless technology and deliver a new digital infrastructure for the world of connected everything. It will serve as the catalyst for mainstream adoption of autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, augmented reality, and smart cities. Some experts are lauding 5G as the next Industrial Revolution. But what exactly is 5G?

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Making Crypto History: The Women of Bletchley Park

Remember the movie The Imitation Game? The film depicts Alan Turing and his team at Bletchley Park trying to crack the Enigma machine and decrypt German intelligence codes for the British government during World War II. While modern cryptography relies on complex algorithms and asymmetric key encryption to keep data secure, prior to the 1970s cryptanalysis was mostly a manual process used for military purposes.

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Harnessing the Power of Women in Tech: a USA Today Feature

Women play vital roles in developing the tools that engineers around the world use to design smart chips and develop secure code for the amazing devices that are changing the way we work and play. USA Today recently featured three Synopsys engineers, who reflect on their experiences as women in tech and offer advice on carving out success in a male-dominated field.

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MISRA Compliance: Hit the Road with More Secure Cars

When security researchers first demonstrated that they could hack a car over the internet to control its brakes and transmission, Chrysler had to recall 1.4 million vehicles to fix the software vulnerability. The infamous Jeep hack of 2015 was an expensive wake-up call for the automotive industry. So, what has changed since then?

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If Memory Serves: IoT Growth Opens the Door for OTP NVM

By 2020 more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet ― according to Cisco’s latest forecast. Smartphone traffic will exceed PC traffic and broadband speeds will nearly double by 2021. And by the next Winter Olympics (Beijing 2022), 1 trillion networked sensors could be embedded in the world around us. While tech experts offer slightly different projections of actual numbers, it’s clear that the Internet of Things (IoT) will grow exponentially. And this explosion means new opportunities for one-time programmable (OTP) non-volatile memory (NVM).

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