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Kenneth Larsen, Product Marketing Director, Digital Design Group

Kenneth Larsen is a product marketing director in the Digital Design Group at Synopsys. He is a versatile leader with a strong background in defining and executing product vision, marketing strategy, inspiring product development teams, translating technology concepts into customer solutions, developing high-performance global organizations, conceiving and driving new and emerging products to scale from the ground up, guiding marketing, and enabling sales. Kenneth has a degree in electrical engineering and additional coursework in strategic growth at Columbia Business School, and Artificial Intelligence at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Posts by Kenneth Larsen, Product Marketing Director, Digital Design Group:


Calculating the Unimaginable: Quantum Computing and Its Impact on Chip Design

We explain quantum computing: the role of chip design & photonics, development & deployment challenges, and quantum computing applications & solutions.

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Posted in EDA, Quantum Computing


What’s Driving the Demand for Chiplets?

Learn how chiplets form the basis of multi-die HPC processor architectures, fueling modern HPC applications and scaling performance & power beyond Moore’s Law.

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Posted in 3D-ICs, HPC


3DIC Design: Optimizing PPA Per Cubic mm Requires a New Approach

3DIC technology is enjoying a surge in popularity; learn how IC design engineering innovations help chip designers take a silicon-first approach to 3DIC design.

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Posted in 3D-ICs, EDA