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People. Passion. Performance. This is the banner under which Jan leads Synopsys' global Human Resources and Facilities/Real Estate professional teams, also known as TeamHR. Identifying the right talent—with that spark of curiosity and passion, capable of addressing the world's toughest technical challenges—is TeamHR's mission. Jan's commitment to Synopsys has spanned two decades and resulted in three distinct careers: facilities management, real estate management, and since 2003, human resources management. Having joined Synopsys in 1990, she has played key roles in talent strategy development, acquisition integration, and deploying critical programs and processes in support of Synopsys employees (also known as "Synopsoids") and their performance. Jan was honored to represent Synopsys as a recipient of a 2008 YWCA Twin Award. Prior to joining Synopsys, she enjoyed several roles in both start-up and established companies. She received a bachelor's degree from California State University – Fresno (Go Bull Dogs!).

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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Synopsys…Hands Up!

Join us as we celebrate Women in STEM as part of International Women’s Day 2021, and see how diveristy, inclusion & equity form the heart of the Synopsys team.

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