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Why You Should Take Your Chip Design and Verification to the Cloud

Learn how EDA cloud tools help scale the SoC design & verification flow, while improving quality, cost, and time of results even in complex chip designs.

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The Future of High-Performance Computing (HPC): Key Predictions for 2022

High performance computing continues to expand & evolve; our team shares their 2022 HPC predictions including new HPC applications and processor architectures.

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The Ins and Outs of AI Chip Design

See what’s behind the boom in AI applications and explore the advanced AI chip design tools and strategies enabling AI SoCs for HPC, healthcare, and more.

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A Year in Review: A Recap of Key Milestones and Moments in 2021

We’re looking back at 2021’s breakthroughs & milestones; explore key developments in EDA tools, SoC verification, connected vehicles, and life at Synopsys.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Hyper-Convergent Chip Designs

Explore the latest on hyper-convergent chip designs, IC hyperconvergence, and the EDA tools enabling 3DICs and more in the SysMoore era of semiconductor design.

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Maximizing Chip Performance Throughout the Silicon Lifecycle: Synopsys and Concertio Unite

Our acquisition of Concertio Inc. enables deeper visibility into chip performance; learn more from SemiWiki, Electronics Weekly, and SemiconductorEngineering.

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How Do You Stay Ahead of Hackers and Build State-of-the-Art Automotive Cybersecurity?

Explore automotive cybersecurity standards, news, and best practices through blog posts from our experts on connected vehicles, automotive SoCs, and more.

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Q&A with Mariya Braylovska, R&D Director, on the Joy of Solving Technical Challenges with a Smart Team

We discuss semiconductor lithography and the importance of women in engineering with Mariya Braylovska, Director of R&D for Custom Design & Manufacturing.

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Q&A with Latha Venkatachari, VP of Applications Engineering, On Growing Women-in-Tech Leaders

Latha Venkatachari, VP of Applications Engineering, discusses her STEM career path and the importance of diversity in leadership and women in tech jobs.

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Synopsys for Good Promotes Employee Action on Global Impact Day

Go behind the scenes of Global Impact Day 2021, 24 hours of partnerships and activities focused on giving, acting & sharing in our communities around the world.

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