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Chris Clark, a 22-year veteran of the IT and security world, uses his experience in management, information systems, and cybersecurity to help organizations effectively integrate meaningful security practices into their environments. Chris holds a master's in cybersecurity from the University of Maryland University College and has held numerous certifications throughout his career. He has worn many hats, including roles as project manager, director of information systems, hospital system CIO, and principal security engineer. He also participates in numerous standards bodies to ensure effective security requirements are included in the development of future standards for the automotive and healthcare industries. As a senior manager in the Automotive Group at Synopsys, Chris is currently focused on helping the automotive industry to minimize their cybersecurity risks by engaging with customers and sharing his knowledge and experiences in the hopes of building a more cyber-resilient future.

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How ISO/SAE 21434 Impacts EDA and IP Vendors

We explain the automotive cybersecurity framework of ISO/SAE 21434, and how IP & EDA tools help designers build security into automotive SoCs & sensors.

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Posted in Automotive, EDA, IP, Security


How Sensor Fusion Technology Is Driving Autonomous Cars

Explore what’s next in automotive sensors, such as the roles of edge computing & sensor fusion and impact of sensor degradation & software lifecycle management.

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Posted in Automotive, Security


4 Key Predictions for the Automotive Industry in 2021

We share predictions for 2021 on the future of the automotive industry, such as new self driving car applications & 5G’s impact on connected vehicle technology.

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Posted in Automotive


Designing Smarter Sensors for Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars rely on smart sensors to power advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS); learn how EDA tools create smarter sensors for smarter, safer cars.

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How the Triple Shift Left Approach Drives the Auto Industry Forward

By Chris Clark, Senior Manager of Embedded Ecosystems

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Posted in Internet of Things