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Arun Venkatachar

Arun Venkatachar is vice president of artificial intelligence and central engineering at Synopsys. He is responsible for leading Synopsys corporate AI strategy and development, along with driving engineering infrastructure development, tooling, release, and operations. He has over 20+ years of experience in building EDA products and is currently focused on building AI, ML, and cloud-based solutions to solve complex problems for both internal and external customers. He has several publications and patents in the areas of distributed computing and simulation. Arun holds a master’s degree in computer engineering.

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4 Key Considerations When Evaluating EDA in the Cloud

We share 4 key criteria for evaluating cloud-based EDA tools, including cloud security and data migration, which enhance silicon design & chip verification.

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Synopsys and IBM Research: Driving Real Progress in Large-Scale AI Silicon and Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Model for Chip Design

Hybrid Cloud architecture enables innovation in AI chip design; learn how our partnership with IBM combines the best in EDA & HPC to improve AI performance.

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AI Chips in 2021: 5 Predictions for Innovation

What’s in store for AI in 2021? Here are 5 key predictions for growth and innovation in AI, plus a look at the role that silicon chips will play in this.

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Helping Define the AI Era with the IBM Research AI Hardware Center

Synopsys and IBM are collaborating to advance AI compute performance, setting their focus on a 1000x performance improvement target.

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