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Top 5 HPC Trends to Come in 2023

We share our predictions for high performance computing (HPC) in 2023, including the growth of edge computing solutions and the rise of AI and machine learning.

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Customer Spotlight: Lightelligence Optimizes Optical SoC Design with Synopsys Platform Architect

See how Lightelligence used our Platform Architect SoC design tool to develop a multi-die system-in-package including digital, analog, and optical components.

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Posted in Customer Spotlight, Optical Design, Photonics


Why Embedded MRAMs Are the Future for Advanced-Node SoCs

We explain embedded magnetoresistive random access memory (eMRAM) and its low-power SoC design applications as a non-volatile memory alternative to SRAM & Flash.

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Addressing Signal and Power Integrity Challenges for High-Speed Data Center Applications

We explore why signal integrity and power integrity analysis tools are critical in developing high-speed chip designs for high-bandwidth memory, AI, and more.

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New Systems of Chips: From Smart to Smarter

Explore the impact of AI and ML on the chip design industry and learn how chiplet-enabled multi-die systems solve processing, memory, and bandwidth limitations.

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Why 2023 Holds Big Promise for Multi-Die Systems

Learn why 2023 will be big for multi-die systems, as chip designers use chiplet technology and the UCIe standard to meet growing PPA requirements in HPC & beyond.

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3 Key Predictions for the Automotive Industry in 2023

Explore predictions for the automotive industry in 2023, including EV improvements, the evolution of autonomous driving tech for self-driving cars, and beyond.

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Navigating the Era of Autonomous Design for Powerful Compute with Hardware

President & COO Sassine Ghazi explained how AI can transform chip design flows into autonomous design instruments during his 2022 AI Hardware Summit keynote.

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5 Cloud Predictions to Watch in 2023

Explore predictions for cloud computing in 2023, including datacenters and cloud deployment models, chip verification in the cloud, and cloud-based EDA tools.

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Onward and Upward: How Returnship Programs Provide New Career Opportunities

Returnship programs create career opportunities for those coming off mid-career breaks; explore our RIYA returnship program for engineers & computer scientists.

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