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Why You Should Take Your Chip Design and Verification to the Cloud

Learn how EDA cloud tools help scale the SoC design & verification flow, while improving quality, cost, and time of results even in complex chip designs.

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Change Is Upon Us – Welcome to a New World of Innovation

Explore the history of tech innovation, the shift from hardware-defined to software-defined tech, and a new design paradigm that blends hardware & software.

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The PCI Express 5.0 Superhighway Is Wide, Fast, and Ready for Your Designs

PCIe 5.0 designs are currently in massive deployment; learn about the standard and explore PCIe 5.0 applications and the importance of silicon-proven IP.

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The Future of High-Performance Computing (HPC): Key Predictions for 2022

High performance computing continues to expand & evolve; our team shares their 2022 HPC predictions including new HPC applications and processor architectures.

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Why Interoperability Matters for High-Performance Computing and AI Chip Designs

Explore the importance of system interoperability in hyperscale data centers and why it matters for AI and high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

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How Do You Solve the Chip Debug Challenge in Verification?

Learn how AI-enabled system debug tools accelerate the pre-silicon chip debug process and reduce SoC verification time to shorten chip design turnaround.

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The Ins and Outs of AI Chip Design

See what’s behind the boom in AI applications and explore the advanced AI chip design tools and strategies enabling AI SoCs for HPC, healthcare, and more.

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5G SoC Design: Why You Need Fast, Thorough Chip-Level Testing

5G SoC design is powered by virtual chip verification tools; explore our partnership w/ Keysight and how it accelerates 5G rollout for 5G systems manufacturers.

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AI’s Next Act: 5 Key Applications and Trends to Watch for in 2022

We share our AI predictions for 2022, including the impact of AI on SoC design and security, trending AI applications, and the rise of AIoT (AI + IoT) devices.

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How Synopsys and Infineon Are Advancing Vehicle Virtualization and AI-Fueled Features

Learn how building digital twins enhances automotive software development and explore AI’s impact on ADAS & connected vehicles through our work with Infineon.

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