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What’s Driving the World’s First Analog and Mixed-Signal Emulation Technology?

Learn how analog and mixed-signal (AMS) verification technology, which we developed as part of DARPA’s POSH and ERI programs, emulates analog designs.

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How to Speed Up Simulation Coverage Closure with Formal Verification Tools

We explore how formal verification tools synergize with simulation technology to accelerate coverage closure in the SoC design and verification process.

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Synopsys Joins IFS Alliance for Development of Secure Microelectronics for U.S. DoD

We’re joining Intel Foundry Services’ USMAG (United States Military, Aerospace and Government) Alliance to help bolster US semiconductor design & manufacturing.

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The Power of Silicon Remastering for Addressing Chip Supply Pressures

See how silicon remastering eases the chip supply shortage by migrating old designs to modern process nodes to expand semiconductor manufacturing capacity.

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How Process Design Kits Streamline Photonic IC Development

Learn how process design kits (PDKs) accelerate photonic integrated circuit design with IC building blocks including waveguides, phase shifters, and more.

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5 Strategies for Protecting Your Advanced SoC Designs from Security Breaches

We share 4 strategies for protecting advanced SoCs & chip designs, including chip design tools embedded with security standards & third-party certifications.

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How SOAFEE Is Accelerating Virtual Development and Testing of Connected Vehicle Applications in the Cloud

Explore the SOAFEE project’s cloud-native virtual prototyping for connected vehicle applications and ADAS systems in the era of software-defined vehicles.

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Celebrating STEM Day with Advice from Early-Career R&D Engineers

For National STEM Day 2022 we connected with up-and-coming R&D engineers on their STEM career pathways and key motivations, experiences, and role models.

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Conquer Timing, Noise, and Power Variations in Your Advanced Process Designs

Learn how our standard cell library characterization collaboration with TSMC helps chip designers achieve fast, accurate signoff for advanced process designs.

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Supercharge Your Career with a WomenTech Mentorship

Learn how we’re expanding diversity and empowering women in tech with a new career mentorship program through the global WomenTech network.

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