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Synopsys for Good Promotes Employee Action on Global Impact Day

Corporate social responsibility
By Editorial Team

The global pandemic is an enormous challenge impacting everyone, but especially the most vulnerable among us. Because of this, Synopsys has been responding to the new and different needs in our communities, rethinking how to best enable employees to stay connected and partner with their communities in the face of these challenges. Our social impact program, Synopsys for Good, strives to catalyze positive change through a mix of leadership, employee volunteer time and giving, philanthropy, tech expertise, and partnerships. The goal is to provide meaningful change in the lives and communities where we work and live, creating access to opportunity and solving social challenges around the world through action. This year, as part of our Synopsys for Good program, we sponsored Global Impact Day in late September, an opportunity for employees around the world to participate in 24 hours of activities focused on 10 Acts of Goodness.

The Inspiration for Global Impact Day

Synopsys has a history of giving back through mobilizing large numbers of employees, their families, and community members at targeted Synopsys locations for large-scale, transformational “done-in-a-day” volunteer projects. When COVID-19 started, Synopsys could no longer organize in-person events, but we didn’t want to lose the momentum and the accomplishments of past efforts. Global Impact Day was a way for everyone to participate, whether employees had just a couple of minutes or several hours, with remote volunteer and giving opportunities to meet people where they are.

I have been donating to the Henry Doubleday Research Association (garden organic/heritage seed library) for two years and love that Synopsys will match my donations. I support this charity because of the good they do for the community.
 –Ashley Smiter, Synopsys Sales Development Representative, Reading, UK

A Day Where 10 Acts of Goodness Amplify What It Means to Get Involved

Synopsys Global Impact Day featured 10 Acts of Goodness that employees were encouraged to participate in. These 10 buckets of opportunities ranged from tracking volunteer time for a 2:1 Synopsys donation match to virtually volunteering; activities included mentoring students with career or college advice, recording audiobooks for blind youth, and writing thank-you cards for frontline workers.

These 10 Acts of Goodness employed three strategies:

  • Give – volunteer time and donations
  • Act – get involved in Synopsys for Good now and all year long
  • Share – give ideas to solve problems that will increase impact

The 10 Acts of Goodness included simple ways that employees could generate Synopsys for Good in our local and global communities and to contribute ideas for the future evolution of the program.

During the pandemic, when I was working from home, there were many small daily wage workers who became unemployed…struggling to get even one meal a day on their platters. We took a note of the situation and distributed food packets. Later we realized that it was not enough and decided to make grocery kits with some basic hygiene kits. Initially it was challenging, but then after seeing the smiles on all of their faces it all felt worth it. Since then, we have kept this going over weekends and as much as possible. As they rightly say, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”
–Kulmani Dubey, Synopsys ASIC Digital Design Engineer, Bangalore, India

About Global Impact Day Partners

As part of Global Impact Day, Synopsys partnered with organizations for structured activities. Here are just a few of our partner highlights:


SuitUp partners with schools, youth organizations, and businesses to develop engaging competitions that will “equip students beyond the classroom.” To date, SuitUp has helped over 9,800 students across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. And, it’s currently all remote, so it’s a great way to meaningfully volunteer, especially in the age of COVID-19.

As part of Global Impact Day, Synopsys sponsored a virtual global hackathon with SuitUp, specifically to address challenges returning to in-person learning for K-12 students. At the end of the hackathon, Synopsys employee teams pitched their ideas to a panel of education leaders and student judges.


Goodera helps companies host virtual and hybrid volunteer experiences. They work with over 50,000 nonprofits in over 100 countries and their work has benefited more than 10 million beneficiaries.

Synopsys Global Impact Day featured virtual volunteer events through Goodera, connecting us with organizations in various regional locations including: Deafroots, Engineers Without Borders Canada, Penny Appeal, Prani The Pet Sanctuary, and Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled.

Career Village

Career Village is a community crowdsourcing platform, connecting students around the world with free, personalized career advice. With over 8,000 career topics, they serve over 190 countries and have over 5 million learners.

For Global Impact Day, Synopsys hosted advice-a-thons where employees could respond to students from their desks.

Hope in Action

Global Impact Day was a way for Synopsys to reinforce our commitment to help solve social challenges around the world, demonstrating that employees can make a positive impact and that every small action adds up to something good.

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