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Onward and Upward: Enhancing 3DIC Design Productivity with a Unified Platform

3D ICs help SoC designers extend the design scale beyond Moore’s Law; learn how unified 3D IC design tools enable faster convergence for multi-die chips.

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Posted in 3D-ICs, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, HPC, Machine Learning


Upping the Safety Game Plan for Automotive SoCs

Learn how ASIL-certified EDA tools help automotive designers create safe, secure, and reliable Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for smart vehicles.

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Posted in Automotive, IP


Why Datapath Validation Is Important—and How HECTOR Technology Can Help

With DVCon 2021 on the horizon we share a primer on our datapath verification technology HECTOR, exploring its impact on machine learning & AI chip design.

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Posted in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Verification


Mars Perseverance Rover Features First Zoom Lens in Deep Space

The Perseverance Mars rover will search for evidence of life with the first zoom lens in a deep space instrument. Learn about the breakthrough Mastcam-Z.

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Posted in Aerospace and Defense, Optical Design


The Link Between Hyperscale Data Centers and Next-Generation Ethernet Connectivity

Explore ethernet’s impact on the hyperscale data center and learn how EDA tools enable new high-bandwidth connectivity for networking, HPC, AI SoCs & more.

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Posted in HPC, IP


How Virtual Prototyping Accelerates Development of Electric Vehicles

See how virtual prototyping & EDA tools accelerate the electric car design process by helping designers find electric vehicle design & software faults earlier.

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Posted in Automotive, Prototyping


Addressing Power Challenges in AI Hardware

We explain how AI chip designers can address SoC glitch power & reduce hardware power consumption early in the design cycle by leveraging chip design tools.

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Posted in Artificial Intelligence, Power


Q&A with Synopsys’ Erika Varga McEnroe: Achieving Success Through Confidence, Bravery, and Preparedness

We discuss career development & leadership advice with Erika Varga McEnroe, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Senior Vice President of Synopsys’ legal team.

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Posted in Inside Synopsys


Keeping Hyperscale Data Centers Safe from Security Threats

Cloud computing security starts at hyperscale data centers; learn how embedded IDE modules protect data across interfaces including PCIe 5.0 and CXL 2.0.

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Posted in HPC, IP, Security


How EDA Tools and IP Support Automotive Functional Safety Compliance

Explore how EDA tools & proven IP accelerate the automotive design process and ensure compliance with Automotive Safety Integrity Levels & ISO requirements.

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Posted in Automotive