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Where in the World Does Innovation Come From?

We discuss the history of technological innovation in the United States and how the balance has shifted west from New Jersey (RCA, Bell Labs) to Silicon Valley.

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A Year in Review: A Recap of Key Milestones and Moments in 2021

We’re looking back at 2021’s breakthroughs & milestones; explore key developments in EDA tools, SoC verification, connected vehicles, and life at Synopsys.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Hyper-Convergent Chip Designs

Explore the latest on hyper-convergent chip designs, IC hyperconvergence, and the EDA tools enabling 3DICs and more in the SysMoore era of semiconductor design.

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How Cryo-CMOS IP Turbo-Charges Quantum Computers

Cryogenic semiconductor IP (cryo-CMOS IP) is critical to scaling quantum computing solutions; learn how it enables co-location of qubits & control electronics.

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Happy 40th, HSPICE! Looking Forward to the Next 40 Years of Circuit Simulation Innovation

We explain what HSPICE is and celebrate 40 years of circuit simulation technology, leading to today’s cloud-based EDA tools for hyper-convergent chip designs.

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Need to Accelerate Technology Advancement? Here’s How Early Design Technology Co-Optimization Can Help

See how Design Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO) accelerates the chip design process by bringing together IP, TCAD, semiconductor lithography, and more.

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Maximizing Chip Performance Throughout the Silicon Lifecycle: Synopsys and Concertio Unite

Our acquisition of Concertio Inc. enables deeper visibility into chip performance; learn more from SemiWiki, Electronics Weekly, and SemiconductorEngineering.

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3 Key Challenges for Memory Chip Designers to Tackle

Explore three key memory chip design challenges and the electronic design automation (EDA) tools helping designers optimize PPA, turnaround time, and more.

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Harnessing the Power of Light: Photonics in IC Design

We explain the fundamentals of photonics, challenges in photonics research & design, and photonics applications including communications & photonic computing.

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How Do You Stay Ahead of Hackers and Build State-of-the-Art Automotive Cybersecurity?

Explore automotive cybersecurity standards, news, and best practices through blog posts from our experts on connected vehicles, automotive SoCs, and more.

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