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The Quest for the Most Advanced Networking SoC: Achieving Breakthrough Verification Efficiency with Cloud-Based Emulation

Learn how cloud-based SoC design and functional verification systems such as ZeBu Cloud accelerate networking SoC readiness across both hardware & software.

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Why Now Is the Time to Create an AI Strategy for Chip Design

Learn how designers increase productivity with AI chip design tools and improve chip performance & energy efficiency to meet PPA targets on complex designs.

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Closing the “Door” on Remote Attackers by Securing Wireless Paths into Vehicles

We share key automotive cybersecurity considerations for connected vehicle technology such as automotive WiFi & Bluetooth, along with NHTSA best practices.

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The Importance of Chip Manufacturing & Test Data Analytics in the Semiconductor Industry

Data & analytics have a massive impact on the chip design process; we explore how fast/precise chip data analytics solutions improve IC design quality & yield.

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Approximating Silicon with Scaled-Out FPGA Prototyping Farms

We explore the advantages of FPGA prototyping in the chip design process, as ASICs trend towards multi-billion gate designs for AI, machine learning & beyond.

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How to Achieve High Bandwidth and Low Latency Die-to-Die Connectivity

Die-to-die interfaces in hyperscale data centers require high bandwidth & low latency, learn how this innovation drives modern high-performance computing (HPC).

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Customer Spotlight: Tachyum’s Universal Processor for Hyperscale Data Centers

Synopsys customer Tachyum’s new Prodigy processor is set to transform hyperscale data centers, making AI & high-performance computing (HPC) more accessible.

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How ISO/SAE 21434 Impacts EDA and IP Vendors

We explain the automotive cybersecurity framework of ISO/SAE 21434, and how IP & EDA tools help designers build security into automotive SoCs & sensors.

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Arm Collaboration Helps You Meet PPA Targets Faster for AI, Cloud, and 5G Infrastructure Chiplets

Explore our collaboration with Arm and learn how our EDA tools help you design chiplets and SoCs while meeting aggressive PPA and time-to-market targets.

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Why It’s Critical to Design in Security Early to Protect Automotive Systems from Hackers

Learn why ECUs & In-Vehicle Networks are critical to automotive cybersecurity, and explore the NHTSA’s best practices including automotive ethernet security.

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