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Life at Synopsys: Virtual Summer Interns Get Creative in Art Competition

Synopsys summer internship program

By Editorial Team

2020 summer internships looked very different as COVID-19 concerns required Synopsys to quickly pivot and create a virtual internship program. Our University Relations team incorporated virtual events and activities to keep interns engaged while they worked from home. Every Tuesday, interns were given a “challenge” with a fun, learning focus, and one of those challenges asked interns to submit personal artwork that represented the Synopsys brand. Interns could be as creative as they wished; no limitations were given in terms of art style or medium.

Below you’ll find a variety of these creative pieces, including one submission that stood out to our University Relations team! Chaitanya P. was voted the winner of this challenge, with his design of an intern climbing the pyramid of success built on Synopsys’ values.


Synopsys pyramid art

Synopsys summer intern

Name: Chaitanya P.
Business Group: Software Integrity Group
University: Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
Major: Information Technology

About the Artwork: I wanted to emphasize the key values Synopsys has embedded in its culture while imagining how they would apply to a graduating intern who carries the flag of passion. Security as a passion is embedded in me just as it is in solutions at Synopsys.

If you can do what you say and have an urge to grow yourself in experience and knowledge, you will find all the support needed. With each project and initiative I got involved in, I was able to make valuable connections and learn new things.”


Binary code art

Summer 2020 internship

Name: Zhixing L.
Business Group: Design Group
University: Texas A&M University
Major: Computer Engineering

About the Artwork: In the era of the information explosion, Synopsys is moving with the binary data stream. The colorful bands represent that Synopsys is actually driving the stream faster and faster.

Join the big family, make the effort and leave your own footprint.”


Silicon hourglass illustration

Summer internship program

Name: Shrikanth S.
Business Group: Design Group (R&D)
University: North Carolina State University
Major: Computer Networking

About the Artwork: This is digital art using an iPad-Pro. This art represents the tagline “Silicon to Software.” I perceived the sand in the dial to represent the silicon and how Synopsys makes it possible to build wonders using its software. The Moore’s dial represents the physical limitations to this technology and how in the coming few decades Synopsys will evolve into a different organization (maybe taking the quantum computing route) and indulge in exciting new technology.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship at Synopsys. The HR and onboarding team made the intern process very smooth even during this new and unprecedented time. I genuinely loved the work, and after working here, I felt that Synopsys’s values coincide with mine. Synopsys created a fun yet challenging work culture for me. I’d say that that’s a pretty good combination for a job.”


Smart technology graphic

Computer science internship

Name: Sagar C.
Business Group: Design Group
University: Saint Louis University
Major: Computer Science

About the Artwork: The artwork has information embedded with a keynote by Dr. Aart de Geus from SNUG, the Synopsys Users Group. I chose this technique of embedding information to remind us of an age-old concept called Steganography. I found it fun sharing hidden information in the image to our friends. I was inspired by the line in Dr. de Geus’ keynote, “If ‘Smart Everything’ is good, then ‘Smarter Everything’ is definitely better!”

“At Synopsys, I realized my passion and hunger for delivering smarter solutions. Being valued and responsible for delivering projects with support from the team has just been incredible.”


Virtual internship 2020

Name: Harsh A.
Business Group: Software Integrity Group
University: University of Florida
Major: Computer Science

About the Artwork: With a “Yes, IF!” mindset, one can always convert their ideas into code.

“Synopsys is an amazing place to work for interns as you get to work on things you want and there are seemingly infinite training resources and expert mentors who are always willing to guide you.”


Synopsys illustration

Virtual internship program

Name: Cole H.
Business Group: Financial
University: Boston College
Major: Accounting for Finance and Consulting

About the Artwork: I knew I wanted to use purple for Synopsys, and I wanted to focus on the theme of imagination translated into solutions. I added the ones and zeros to represent our software, and I drew it coming from a person’s mind.

My experience working at Synopsys this summer has been great. My team has been amazing and has given me tons of great opportunities to make stuff that matters. Couldn’t be happier.”


PCB art

Remote internship 2020

Name: Mehrsan A.
Business Group: Solutions Group
University: University of Toronto
Major: Computer Engineering

About the Artwork: Our company’s slogan, “From Silicon to Software,” was my inspiration behind drawing a silicon chip and Synopsys’ logo on it.

My Synopsys experience has been very rewarding. I have been learning so much about the industry and have met amazing mentors that have guided me throughout different tasks and projects.”


As our Summer 2020 virtual internship program wraps up and our interns head back to school, we wish them the best of luck and hope that they are able to take the experiences, values, passion for problem solving & critical thinking, and connections they made with them into their next chapter!

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