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How to Design Safe, Appealing, Functional Automotive Lighting Systems

Learn how to design safe and stylish interior and exterior automotive lighting systems with a look at important lighting categories and lighting design tools.

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SNUG Israel 2022 Spotlights Talks on Silicon Design, Verification, and IP Solutions for AI, Cloud, Automotive, and More

SNUG Israel 2022 featured dedicated tracks on software and hardware verification, simulation and debug, emulation and FPGAs, IP solutions, and much more.

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Get the Most Out of Your Next-Generation PCIe 6.0.1 Design

Learn about the new PCIe 6.0.1 specification and explore the role of PCI-SIG certified controller & verification IP for end-to-end protocol verification.

Continue Reading... Teams with Synopsys to Ease the Path to Deliver ML Applications for the Embedded Edge

Learn how our partnership with enables embedded edge machine learning applications with programmable processor IP cores and a software-driven ML SoC.

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Don’t Let Faults in the Field Spoil Safety-Critical Designs

We explore how integrating functional verification and fault simulation techniques helps protect safety-critical chip designs from faults in the field.

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AI-Driven Debug Automation Enables 4x Acceleration of Regression Root-Cause Analysis

We explain how AI-enabled debugging automation accelerates chip verification by reducing regression turnaround time during root-cause analysis (RCA).

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How CXL 3.0 Fuels Faster, More Efficient Data Center Performance

Explore the Compute Express Link (CXL) 3.0 specification and learn how it improves memory performance in data centers for HPC, AI, machine learning, and more.

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Customer Spotlight: Neuchips Tapes Out Groundbreaking AI Accelerator

See how virtual prototyping, chip verification, and EDA tools helped Neuchips design an AI accelerator chip for the deep learning recommendation model (DLRM).

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Optimizing High-Performance Processor Designs with AI-Enabled Implementation Kits

Alongside AI-enabled SoC design tools, our QuickStart Implementation Kits help chip designers develop high-performance processors for embedded applications.

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Securing the Aerospace and Defense Microelectronics Supply Chain with DoD Trusted Suppliers

We’re fostering a more secure chip supply chain by collaborating with DAPRA, IARPA, the NDIA and more as a DoD Trusted Foundry Program Accredited Supplier.

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