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OCP Can You See…

“…by the dawn’s early light..”

Ok, ok, so it was actually well after dawn (and I’m a known morning person, so I was at my normal full-speed) but I’m reliably informed that 8am is practically the middle of the night for Californians!  Nonetheless, there were a surprising number of brave souls who showed up for my presentation at last week’s Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit.

If you weren’t awake enough to make an 8am session, or if you missed OCP entirely, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube:

Since you’re reading ExpressYourself, it will come as no surprise that the company demonstrating a 32GT/s PCIe 5.0 PHY was Synopsys!  As further proof-of-life, OCP attendees could see it running across two of the new OCP form-factor connectors:

Lots of other PCI Express devices shown in the Expo Hall, including several from Synopsys’ customers showing off PCIe 4.0!

Definitely an interesting conference and I hope to present again next year – perhaps a little later in the day though 🙂


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