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First PCIe 5.0 32GT/s PHY IP

Richard has been talking about how long it’s been since he’s posted. I have to say, it’s been forever since I’ve posted a blog and I’ll need to work on that in 2019. Yes, I’m still alive and kicking and so much has happened since I’ve posted. More on that in another post.

The PCIe 5.0 specification from PCI-SIG is now at 0.9 (which Richard mentioned in his last post). Also, in Richard’s last post, he was showing eye diagrams from an early PCIe 5.0 prototype that we had. I’m writing this post to show you the latest eye diagram from our brand new DesignWare PCIe 5.0 32GT/s PCIe PHY in N7 that we just got back from the fab a few days ago. Everything is looking great so far …

DesignWare PCIe 5.0 PHY at 32GT/s

We have many customers already designing in our DesignWare IP for PCI Express 5.0 PHYs and Controllers to build amazing products for ADAS, AI, Networking and Servers. Please leverage our expertise and knowledge in PCIe and PCIe 5.0 (along with our IP) to help you get these incredible products to the market.

Richard and I always appreciate your support and it would be great to have you join our blog, which you can do by clicking here to subscribe.



 PS: To everyone out there – I wish you Happy Holidays!


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