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Video Killed the Radio Star?

I’m afraid that I’m showing my age again with this title, and in truth time has shown that video did *NOT* kill off radio/audio-only media.  In much the same way, I believe that nothing takes the place of an in-person presentation.  Even when an audience is not asking questions, I find that there’s a connection between them and the speaker which is different for every occasion – even if the underlying material doesn’t change.

By now you’re probably asking yourself “Ok, where on earth is Richard going with THIS blog post?” perhaps in that slightly exasperated tone of voice you might occasionally use with small children…

I know I spend a lot of time here on ExpressYourself talking about the PCI-SIG Developers Conferences, and I know that while most of you are employed by companies who are members of PCI-SIG, not all of you get to come to these events.  Some of that is undoubtedly due to geography, some to restrictive corporate travel policies, and perhaps some by a fierce desire to avoid learning new things.  For all but the last, PCI-SIG this year has provided an answer – video recordings of all the sessions at this year’s US Developers Conference!

Oh geez, that was a pretty big stretch on the title!” I can hear someone saying now, and all I can say is “Hey, if you’d suggest more topics, I wouldn’t have to make up such corny titles!” so there.

The video files are standalone, not streamed, so you’ll probably need to download them to your computer, and they’re only available to PCI-SIG members (at least for now), but perhaps they’ll provide a little bit of the experience of being there…and perhaps further motivate you to overcome those hurdles and get yourself to an upcoming Developers Conference in person!

You can always find the latest PCI-SIG Developers Conferences and other events listed online:

I’m at most of those in person, so please do stop by and say “Hi” and yes, leave some topic ideas in the comments!



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