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It’s That Time of Year… Election Time

PCI-SIG Board Election Time that is – please vote before Tuesday at noon Pacific!

Many of you know me well enough to realize I hate this part of the PCI-SIG Board “job” but if I don’t wear this hat around, I won’t have the PCI-SIG “hat” to wear representing you.  So I’m once again out drumming up votes in the election.  Did I mention that voting ends tomorrow, Tuesday May 15th? So don’t delay, click on this voting link and either cast your vote (if eligible) or contact your company’s voting rep and ask them to vote.

As a quick recap:

  • All PCI-SIG member companies are eligible to vote
  • One representative from each company casts a single vote for up to 9 candidates from a slate of not more than 12 people
  • Board members serve as *INDIVIDUALS* but must be employed by a member company
  • Board members’ companies are expected to be significant contributors to the work of PCI-SIG


Turnout is historically very low, and I’ve made some rash offers (involving my dancing on stage if turnout exceeded 50%) in the past to try and increase participation, but I’ll keep it short this year…


Please vote!  Specifically, please vote for me, but at least vote!


P.S. Stay tuned for a report on last week’s PCI-SIG European Developers Conference.

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