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Wednesday’s IOT (IDF Of Today)

All rightee then – I’m glad to say the Live Blog format got a reaction 😀  Oddly enough it was a mixed reaction – with some folks being all over it, and others thinking it was over the top…  I know, who would have thought *I* would be over the top????

Today was a bit less hectic than yesterday, though I’m going to be honest and say that it started out a bit oddly.  I’d noticed this strange box in my room when I first checked in:HotelRoomNoiseMaker_Small

You might recall that I was a bit disoriented yesterday anyway, so I didn’t pay much attention to the box, and I didn’t want a train running through my room so I left the thing safely off.

Housekeeping must have changed the setting from “Train” to “Meadow” without my noticing though, because when I woke up this morning, things had changed!HotelRoomNoiseMakerAnimals_Small

Needless to say I fled my room, met Scott for breakfast and headed in to set up the demo again (we’ve been shutting it down each night to be safe).  After a bit of begging and pleading, and a few reboots, the demo came back up.  Show hours were reduced today – *only* 11-1 and 4-7, so we got a break. 

I was again surprised and pleased at how many folks came by to see the PCIe 4.0 demo!  Lots of interest from SSD developers, several more system manufacturers, and a few folks representing other market spaces.  It’s *VERY* clear that anyone discounting PCIe 16GT/s for I/O does so at their own peril!  These guys want the bandwidth and they’re not happy about waiting for it!  Luckily for them, Synopsys has a complete range of  PCI Express controllers already delivering to customers.  I keep pointing out that in most cases, the hardest part of a PCIe 4.0 migration isn’t our (Synopsys’) part, but the customer’s logic needing to expand its internal bandwidth.  For some folks that’s a wider datapath, for others a faster one, but it usually has implications throughout their SoC.   By beginning design work right NOW with Synopsys’ draft 0.5 controller logic, SoC designers can focus on their jobs while we worry about tracking the PCI Express 4.0 specification – and dealing with any wild animals which show up uninvited!

By the way, I want to give a HUGE shout out to the PCI-SIG folks who were holding press briefings today.  Several press representatives showed up at the booth saying they’d heard about us at the PCI-SIG briefing and wanted to see the demo!  (I shouldn’t have to say it, but anyone reading this who is interested in doing articles or other publications on PCI Express should certainly contact Scott and/or me if they need material!)

Food at the show was pretty disorganized again today – quantities seemed to be improved, but an informal survey showed booth staff across the board missing out on the hot hors d’oeuvres.  No amount of searching, begging, or pleading was able to net me a non-diet Dr. Pepper either.  Once the show closed though, Scott and I were able to snag a surprisingly excellent pizza over at Jersey pizza.  I say surprising only because I am a HUGE fan of Chicago-style pizza – but perhaps aided by hunger, we both thought this was very good pizza.

IDF has had some sort of concert the last few years – which I generally skip due to exhaustion, but Scott convinced me to go over for a few minutes.  I quickly learned that there’s a huge difference in audience participation between a technical presentation and a rock concert.  Isaac Slade got a *MUCH* different reaction from the crowd when he strolled through during his “presentation” than I have when I’ve done the same in mine!  This is particularly amusing and relevant as today I ran across Ajay Bhatt (dubbed the father of PCI Express by many back in the day) and subject of the world’s most embarrassing TV commercial (oh heck no, that’s not really Ajay in the commercial).

Tomorrow is free day and therefore I expect to go through MANY more pens, so I’d better sign off and get some sleep!

Stay tuned for the final installation of IOT coming tomorrow…


*Nope, no “I made that up” in this posting!

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