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Back to school and PCIe 4.0 “secrets”

Now that my kids are back to school, things are calming down slightly.  Well, ok, the chaos is shifting gears 🙂  I’m still recovering from IDF last week, and I owe you all a blog post about that, but I’ve been remiss in advising you of how you too can get “back to school” … with an upcoming Webinar on challenges you’ll face in PCI Express 4.0 design.

This Tuesday (16-September) at 11am Pacific, I’ll be talking through some key things PCIe 4.0 designers will need to know.  There’s been a lot of talk about the PHY and electrical side of the upcoming specification, so I’ll mostly be focused on the controller side.

Here’s a quick teaser on the topics:

  • How the specification recommends handling re-drivers and retimers
  • Design changes to consider to handle new specifications on link equalization and the PHY interface
  • How multiple packets per clock cycle will affect designs using PCIe 4.0
  • Questions to ask for effective implementation of 16GT/s

So if you’re not too busy tomorrow (yes, I know, short notice!) please signup and follow along:

[EDIT: Use this link to view the webinar after the fact]

Sorry for the short notice (and short posting) – I’ll make it up to you with another “contest” perhaps.  Note that I only had 2 winners last time, so your odds are excellent.  Of course, the prizes might leave a little to be desired 😀



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