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If Interested in M-PCIe – Time is Running Out. Click on This Now!

Doesn’t that sound like the end of a commercial to buy something? SPAM? It’s not. This isn’t a plug to buy something. I promise.

I wanted to make you aware that PCI-SIG sent out a survey inquiring about interest in M-PCIe testing at the April and/or August workshops and setup a survey to gather feedback. I encourage you to go and take the survey.

The proposed testing would be done using a PCIe-to-M-PCIe switch connected to a PCIe root complex as there is not an M-PCIe based Root complex available (Let me know if you know of one). The switch and M-PCIe based endpoints are connected via 4 SMP connectors (TX+/TX-, RX+/RX0, Note: no refclk as defined by M-PCIe ECN) and viola, it’s an M-PCIe link running the PCIe protocol just as it is defined. Once connected, the existing PCI Express test collateral (PCIECV, etc) will be executed, giving feedback on your M-PCIe implementation.

I encourage people to sign up for the testing. It is always great to test with other developers in the ecosystem and ensure your product plays well with others. It is a foundational principle here at Synopsys for our IP development and allows us to provide quality IP to you, our customers.

Here is the part where you have to act fast. The survey closes on February 21, 2014, so time is running out and you need to click on this now:

I know that Valentine’s Day is passed and I hope you spent time with your loved ones. However, show your love for this blog (and me and Richard) by clicking here to subscribe to this blog.

We return you to your regularly scheduled program…


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