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Farewell 2013!

So long 2013, you were a great year for PCI Express (and for me personally) but your 365 days of fame are winding down as I write this. You gave us lots of new PCI Express features – especially around low-power.  First you brought the L1 Substates ECN providing “traditional” PCIe PHYs with impressive power savings modes, and later on the M-PCIe ECN opening up the PCI Express infrastructure to MIPI M-PHYs in what Scott aptly described as A Match Made in Heaven.  Later you even had the much anticipated M.2 Specification to define a wide variety of PCIe mobile-oriented plug-in cards which enable some exciting new PC/Tablet form-factors

Yes, yes, 2013, we won’t forget that you weren’t only about mobile – you  also had the SRIS ECN which better enabled cabled environments to let us put PCI Express in our Disks.  You’ll also get to hold some sort of record for the longest delay before spec release by being the year in which CEM 3.0 was finally released – some 3 years after your great-grandfather 2010 birthed the PCI Express 3.0 Base Spec.  (Let me say with the utmost respect 2013, that I hope you hold that particular record forever!)

I’m sure you were tremendously proud, 2013, of being the year in which official PCI-SIG 3.0 Compliance Testing began – after all, how many other years get to ask “Got Compliance?”  We at Synopsys were particularly happy to share that event with you – being in the very first group of designs on the PCI-SIG Integrator’s List.  (Thank goodness we were spared a picture of Scott with a milk mustache there!)

2013, you were a great year for PCI Express education and training – hosting the second-ever PCI-SIG Developers Conference Israel, another record-setting attendance PCI-SIG Developers Conference in the US, and a PCI-SIG Developers Conference Asia-Pacific Tour 2013 with the first-ever Members Implementation track in Asia.  Even if I managed to complain about When Engineering Fails the Obviousness Test, that event was a smashing success.  I don’t know if it will be anywhere near as momentous as the others, but 2013 you also have the distinction of hosting my first ever webinar.

Continuing on that more personal note, 2013, you kicked me squarely in the complacency by offering an I-couldn’t-pass-it-up opportunity to move to Synopsys after almost 23 years at LSI.  Aside from providing payback material for years of jokes about a “two drink minimum”, you’ve given me an incredible new branch to my career.  The jury is still out 2013 on how the world will view you for giving me a new venue here to ExpressMyself – with apologies to Scott for taking liberties with the name (and for that matter the content) of “his” blog 🙂

Since I’ve known you for your entire life 2013, I feel I can be honest and point out that it hasn’t been all roses for us:
Black Forest fire near 8pm Tuesday
but rest assured that I won’t hold that against you, since I more than anyone recognize that the only constant is change.

Let me also offer a huge Thank You to all you readers of ExpressYourself for spending a portion of your 2013 here with Scott and me.  For those of you just joining us, consider clicking here to subscribe to this blog as a possible New Year’s resolution – or skip the rush tomorrow and just do it now! 🙂


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