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Today is Thanksgiving – a unique holiday in the United States where we celebrate American Rules Football, eating to massive excess, and the wonders of a retail holiday which sounds like a medieval disease – with similar out of control growth.  (After the third or fourth retailer e-mail touting “Black Friday Deals All Month!” I confess to becoming just slightly jaded.)

As I write this, I’m hiding out in the living room while my wife and children turn our kitchen into the climactic scene from an action-adventure movie using kitchen implements, flour, and turkey parts instead of automatic weapons, broken glass and blood.  This makes me smile and reflect on all the things I have to be thankful for this year.  Well, in truth, to mostly reflect on all the people I have to be thankful for this year. 

Kathy, Andrew, and Rebecca (the aforementioned stars of the kitchen adventure) continue to be the center of my world – and though not every storm is calmest at its center, they’ve all been amazingly tolerant of my job transition this year.  Balancing school, homework, extracurriculars, and a new work schedule isn’t easy – for their parents either!  I often talk about people who “make me look good” – not in the comparison sense but the supporting sense – and my family is that behind-the-scenes group that most of you never see who let me go out in the world and be my best.

I might have first coined that “you make me look good” phrase to describe the VTM folks who support PCI-SIG.  Kait, Molly, Ruth, Reen and many others have all helped make 2013 a great year for the Developers Conferences – in Israel, Japan, and Taiwan.  I can’t possibly thank them enough!  When you come to one of these events, it’s probably those people who make it a good experience for you – and if not, remember to follow my advice and “blame Richard!” 🙂  It’s a bit sad to bid Kait farewell as she too takes the “new job” path this year and moves on to the next phase of her career.  (Don’t blame me for this one though, I tried to bribe her to stay!)

Speaking of job changes, in looking back on almost 8 months with Synopsys, I’m most thankful for all the new friends I’ve made.  I’ve been to sites in Austin, Dublin, Hillsboro,  Mountain View, and Tokyo – and found many kindred spirits in each place.  From “English to American Translation” with the Ireland guys, to the “Great BBQ Debate” with the Texas crowd, and to hero status for Uchi-san keeping me company shopping the Taipei night market with the VTM crew, I can’t say enough about how awesome all the “Synopsoids” are.  (I’m not forgetting the France gang and the “burger trick” – I missed visiting their office, but they definitely made me look good at IP-SOC!)

Not to overlook old friends (no Scott, not “friends who are old” but “friends of long duration”) too numerous and widespread to name individually, I am thankful for you all!

Wow, I guess I’ve failed at properly celebrating Thanksgiving – it’s midday here in Colorado and I’ve not watched even a single football game.  Someone pass the homemade bread and that Sportsman’s Warehouse newspaper ad!  Let the holiday begin!

Thankfully yours, Richard

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