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Off to IDF (Booth 213, Sept 10-12)

No, no, I didn’t say “Off to the IDF” – I mean the Intel Developer Forum:

not the IDF!

Though if you believe my friend and co-worker Eric, I’ve got this guy beat (at least when it comes to PCIe):

So maybe I should change my photo next week to combine the two?

Nah, maybe not!

Ok, ok, enough monkeying around. In a bit of a departure from my normal routine, I will NOT be presenting anything at this conference, but next week I will be manning the Synopsys PCIe IP booth – #213 (which is over by the “Mobility Community” and the “Intel Security Pavilion” – how’s that for a tie-in to that other IDF?) I expect we will have some fine Synopsys swag to hand out, but if you can identify the rifles in the IDF photo I posted I will make sure to hook you up with something special.  Regardless, please come by and say “Hi” if you’re at the show!

It’s been a few years since I was at an IDF, so I may try and sneak off every now and then to catch a few sessions.  I expect to see and hear a lot about M-PCIe both on and off the exhibit floor.  For that matter, Scott and I plan to show off the latest Synopsys M-PCIe demo. If the beta gods are with us, we might even have a little something to show from our good friends over at Teledyne LeCroy (yeah, I know, they’re everywhere I look too).  I wouldn’t expect to see any actual M-PCIe silicon quite yet, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

I suppose I should throw a bone (or a banana peel as the case may be) to Eric and mention that he’ll be over in the “SuperSpeed USB Community” area.  (Our swag is better than his, so there’s really no reason to go over there anyway!)  I imagine Eric will be filming some more videos explaining the latest USB superlative name and why it still translates to “slower than PCIe”.  Maybe he and I should video an arm-wrestling contest or something to decide whose IP is faster?  Oh wait, we already know that answer….

As always, thanks for reading Express Yourself and if you haven’t already subscribed – then hurry up!  You don’t think we can keep giving these electrons away for free forever do you?  (Environmentalists remember that *ALL* electrons are recycled, so have your friends sign up too!)


P.S. Thanks a million to all who turned out last week to watch my M-PCIe webinar live!  I guess I must not have been TOO boring, because the average attendee stayed for almost the whole thing.  Fear not, if you missed the live event you can still sign up and watch the recording.

P.P.S. No non-human primates were harmed in the making of this blog posting. I can’t personally attest to the safety of the primates (human and non-human) in the video (you did find the video link, right?) but I’d bet money it’s all faked anyway, so I imagine they’re safe at home spending residual checks.

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