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Richard’s First Webinar! Oh, and M-PCIe too…

Oh darn, I almost forgot!  If you’ve enjoyed my live shows, I mean presentations, mark your calendars for Tuesday August 27th at 9am Pacific and head on over to along with two or three hundred of your closest friends and sign up for my first ever attempt at a webinar.

I’ll start out giving a brief overview of what M-PCIe is – but of course you know at least some of that, because you read Scott’s posting last month didn’t you?  Then I’ll go over key differences between using a PCIe PHY and an M-PHY for M-PCIe, and talk through some of the important points you’ll need to understand in order to move from developing PCIe devices to developing M-PCIe devices.  Don’t worry, I will also go over some things you’ll want to consider in deciding *IF* you even want get into M-PCIe development – or just sleep through the remainder of the webinar.

Hey, no snoring!  Apparently I’ll be talking to you, but you’ll have to type in questions to me – so I won’t hear you if you do snore, but your co-workers might, so try not to do that, ok?  I guess that system lets us filter out all the offers to take 10% of the one bazillion dollars your uncle’s former oil company mistakenly deposited in some dead dictator’s bank account in a former Soviet republic.  On the whole I’d still rather be talking about some of the oddities of M-PCIe’s clock rates and what you’ll need to do to account for them than trying to figure out how not to get killed collecting that money!

I admit that becoming knowledgeable about M-PCIe may not pay as well as robbing peasants, but how many third-world dictators can tell you the difference between PIPE and RMMI???  Well, sure, I guess all those that attend my webinar will be able to.  Hmmmm, I wonder if there’s even an occupation check box on the registration form for “Third World Dictator”?  (Ok, admit it – how many of you clicked through just to see if you could?  Now that you did, why not go ahead and show up for the webinar – there’s a full money-back guarantee* involved.) 

Oh yeah, I’ve been saying “I” a lot, but Scott will be there too – maybe I should run a poll via the comment field and let you vote on whether I should a) let Scott talk at all or b) sit down, shut up, and let him run the whole thing!  Of course, based on what WordPress tells me, the only people commenting are bots for various internet scams, so maybe I’ll have to count all the posts for vitamin supplements for Scott, and all the ones for work-at-home scams for me!  That might be a surprisingly close race still.

As always, thanks for reading Express Yourself and if you haven’t already subscribed – well, what are you waiting for???


P.S. I’m told by the marketing communications folks that blog postings on Fridays get fewer readers… post a comment and show me they’re wrong!  (See what I did there?)

*Yes, Virginia, that’s because there’s no charge for the webinar, so it’s an easy guarantee to make.  How much do you think they pay me anyway???

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