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Welcome to 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you and your loved ones the best for 2013.

Unfortunately, this post is coming out a bit late as our Blog site was hit by a sophisticated malware attack and it was shut done for a while. Too bad these people don’t focus their efforts on improving the world.

To start the New Year, I spent part of the day watching football (American) with my beloved Michigan Wolverines playing in their final game of the year in the Outback Bowl against South Carolina’s Gamecocks. Great game! Unfortunately, I had to endure another loss with a touchdown in the last 11 seconds to give the Gamecocks the win and a final score of 33-28. I guess I need to switch to Michigan Basketball as they are doing very well this year. A man can endure only so many losses in one year! 😉

I look forward to a new year working on PCI Express. I’m seeing a lot of activity on PCI Express 3.0 and several companies expressing interest in PCI Express 4.0. I can’t wait for the PCIe 4.0 specification to be finalized by PCI-SIG!

As a final thought. My daughters visited me at work and wrote on my whiteboard “Be Happy Every Day”. Good words to live by.

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