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D(esign) A(wesome) C(hips) is coming up!

My friend Coverage and I will be in the temporary center of the Universe a.k.a. Conversation Central Wed between 3-4pm, stop by and chat with us!

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The Tape-out Feast

The other day I listened in while my friend Coverage told the neighborhood kids the Thanksgiving story.  It went something like this. Once upon a time the verification engineers in the Old World design houses were not free to practice verification the way they wanted. Instead, they had to follow a strict directed test methodology imposed to them by long standing traditions. One day a group of them gathered a few of their test benches, boarded a chartered bus they called “Randflower” and left to join a new company where they could practice their own verification methodology rooted in the principles of freedom.  From then on verification engineers would be free to write coverage targets based on verification plans written in a language that everybody could understand and even testbench variables would be free to take whatever values they wanted as long as they were following some constraints. However, the road to success was not to be an easy one. They had to work long hours, come up with new methodologies and tools to take advantage of them.  The long nights and weekends of hard work soon started taking their toll. Many of them quit and moved to the software industry and those who stayed turned weak with frustration and exhaustion. But then one day a miracle happened. The indigenous designers in the company who had been working there for many years gathered together and shared their knowledge about the design with the verification engineers! This gave them the strength required to close on the remaining coverage targets and finally the fruits of their hard work were ready to be harvested. The verification engineers had a huge Tape-Out Feast where all the designers were invited to jointly celebrate the Turnkey Verification Environment they developed and thank their design counterparts for their invaluable help in their hour of need. They vowed that from then on they will write testbenches that can be easily shared among many verification groups and that they will share methodologies and best-practices for the benefit of the entire verification community.

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The (W)Hole Product

I once had lunch with the CEO of a start-up and asked him what skills he thought I needed to acquire if I wanted to run my own company. He quickly replied I needed to understand Marketing. Now if you come from the Engineering side of our world as I do, your reaction is probably similar to mine at the time: “What?” I thought, “is getting ready for DAC really that important??”. In case this is indeed what you’re thinking, here are 2 must-reads: “Marketing High Technology” by William Davidow and “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore. It turns out that there is a lot more to Marketing than meets the ignorant eye. Among the many interesting concepts, the one that stuck with me is called in one way or another, “The Whole Product”. Its beauty lies, as it often does, in its simplicity, and goes something like this: real success comes from delivering to the market a Whole Product and not just a piece of technology. It is pretty common sense, you don’t just put out a chip or a piece of software and hope somebody will figure out what to do with them, you either build (or make sure somebody else does) complete systems around the chip or integrate your software within existing flows, you strike alliances with other software and/or hardware providers, you build a support infrastructure, delivery channels, prepare documents, trainings, etc. etc. You get the idea and if you don’t, try typing iPhone in your search bar.

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It’s All About Risk Management

Guess I should start with a disclaimer: I don’t know much about risk management. If I did, I would start an investment outfit call it “Golden Socks”.  “Golden Socks” would capitalize on the universal dream of software ownership, help fuel a software bubble and get you to buy software you cannot afford.  At the same time “Golden Socks” would bet that you won’t be able to pay maintenance for your software and have to give it back. Or something like that.

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Coverage just a metric? No way!

Coverage and I got acquainted fairly late in my life. This has nothing to do with me getting old and my dear wife outfitting me with Abercrombie gear to cover my age, it has to do with me joining a startup called Nusym back in 2008. That’s when Coverage and I became friends. Nusym pioneered the technology that lies at the root of what the good marketing folks call “Coverage Convergence Technology”, “Intelligent Testbench” and some other tempting names that make even the most cold blooded verification engineer purr with anticipation. Nusym’s exciting technology has in the meantime become part of the Synopsys family and I have followed it partly out of loyalty to my friend Coverage.

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