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The Chips Have Eyes

Touch screens and the associated gesture control as introduced in smart phones and tablets have changed the way we interact with our devices. Tap-and-swipe touch-screens are fun and addictive to use, but touching tends to make the screen smudgy, and there are rising concerns on health and hygiene aspects. After all we want to be able to and do use our devices everywhere and anytime, right?

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U Can’t Touch This

Apple with the iPhone and iPad, and Google with Android, revolutionized the way we interact with our portable devices. They commoditized touch screen display technology, making it possible for us to control our ‘PCs-in-our-pocket’ more conveniently than we can control our Desktop or Laptop PCs with a mouse. Besides the plain ease of use, there is something irresistible about swiping with your finger across a screen and enjoying the astonishing effects that this triggers. And, being able to control your mobile device while walking, really adds to the whole mobile experience and sense of freedom when you are on the go.

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