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I Seen Em’

And, they will be everywhere! The world is going to sensors in a big way. You currently interact with 50-100 daily. By 2020 this will be something like 1000 or so. Impossible you say. No, actually this is happening. Semico Research is estimating that 30 billion will be shipped in 2017. Welcome to your Brave New World.

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The World is Changing

We like to blog about how technology changes our lives and will continue to do so. And, it is exciting to see Synopsys leading the semiconductor industry and pioneering new solutions.

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One Size Fits All?

For the automobile industry, the year 1908 was a landmark, with the introduction of the Model T. Henry Ford made automobiles affordable for the middle class in the US, soon to be followed by the rest of the world. The Model T was in production from 1908 – 1927, with more than 15 million cars sold.

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The Future is Here, and Ahead of Us!

Remember the 80s TV show Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff (Michael Knight) as the hero saving the world from the “bad guys”?   He had this super cool car, equipped with a futuristic computer in the dashboard called KITT.  KITT was Michael’s partner, it was almost ‘human’ – could talk, think, and even make jokes.

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