Configurable Thoughts


What’s in a Name?

When we have a choice to pick a name for something, it usually reflects some meaning for us. For example, I chose my daughter’s name as Abigail because I once saw a Mike Leigh play called ‘Abigail’s Party’ (the video below is a clip from the play). But, I also chose it because the name means ‘Father’s Joy’. Similarly, my name is Allen. It is of Scottish and Irish origin and it means ’handsome’. So, now you know why my parents chose to call me Allen.

Recently, we were battling with what to call our new partner program for the DesignWare ARC processor cores. We could have just called it the ARC Partner Program or the ARC Alliance Program or the ARC Community Program. But, I really wanted the name to have meaning.

I started by thinking about what the objectives of the program are:
• To broaden embedded industry support for the ARC Architecture and cores
• To partner with leading embedded software and hardware vendors to provide compelling ARC-based solutions
• Finally, to increase the awareness of ARC-based solutions

While these are important & noble objectives, nothing jumped out at me for choosing a name. So, I then thought about what the program means for our customers.
• Develop your ARC-based embedded processor solutions faster by leveraging compatible products from leading embedded industry vendors
• Reduce your project risk by taking advantage of design solutions pre-ported and tested for the DesignWare ARC architecture
• Save on development costs and resources by using products optimized for ARC-based designs

These are all good things. Develop faster. Reduce Risk. Save costs. I could call it the ARC Faster Reduce Risk Save Cost Program or ARC FRRSC Program. But, I thought better of that.

What to do? Thinking about what the program’s objectives and meaning for customers was not getting me to a name. That’s when I thought about how we are going to do this. We will work with partners by providing them access to ARC software & hardware development tools and provide support so that that they can optimize their product for the ARC Architecture. This, in turn, will give our customers access to a broad array of industry solutions. Eureka! Did you spot the operative word? Access. We’re providing access for our partners and, in turn, providing access for our customers.

It’s the ARC Access Program!

And so it came to be. The program launches with many valued companies: Alango Technologies, Ashling Microsystems, Embecosm Ltd., Express Logic, Green Hills Software, Interniche, Lauterbach, MiSPO, QSound Labs and SoftRISC Communications. We look forward to working with more leading embedded industry vendors to provide compelling solutions for the ARC Architecture.

P.S. The actual reason I was called Allen is because it was my mother’s maiden name. I was not given a middle name, so that my full name is the combination of each of my parent’s last names. As I said, there’s always a reason why we name things the way we do!

P.P.S. Although the play was called ‘Abigail’s Party’, we never get to see Abigail or her party.