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Happy 10th Birthday DDR4!

Believe it or not, work the DDR4 standard was first started back in 2004.  That’s now 10 years ago!  Happy 10th birthday DDR4.  10 years ago Facebook was started up, there was no Twitter (2006), no iPhone (2007), and Google went public for $85/share (it is now $1,123/share).  Even after those 10 years, you can’t go out a buy a computer with DDR4 in it.  The JEDEC standard for DDR4 was published in September 2012 so why isn’t everyone using it?  Why did it take so long?

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LPDDR4: The battle is on, but who drew first blood?

Happy New Year to all our blog readers!

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Could mobile DRAM exceed PC DRAM shipments in 2014?

Mobile DRAM has certainly come a long way in the last few years, but I didn’t expect to see this prediction quite so soon, that “…the shipment of mobile DRAM is likely to officially surpass that of PC DRAM in 2014”.

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