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The first DDR4 DIMMs are for sale!

I think I have found the first DDR4 DIMMs available for consumer purchase anywhere. Crucial and a few others were showing DDR4 DIMMs at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, so it’s nice to see that they translated into real products.

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“How Fast Can My DDR Go?”

As a provider of DDR PHY and controller IP, the question we get asked the most goes something like this:  “Will your PHY support a {insert short description of system here} at {fill in the speed here} Mbps?  Lately, I am receiving a lot of questions around DDR4 such as “Will your DDR4 PHY support one dual rank UDIMM at 2667Mbps”?

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Crucial announces DDR4 Module Availability

Crucial memory, the DIMM division of Micron, have announced availability of DDR4 DIMM modules in early 2014.

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New DDR Memory Controller Release

I’m going to very occasionally use this blog to talk about my products, especially when I have a new product to talk about.

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