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The importance of ADAS

By now you have probably seen the TV commercials showing the latest model vehicles that can automatically initiate braking when they detect a collision is imminent. Technologies like this are known as “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” (ADAS).

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Apple iPhone 6S: LPDDR4 arrives at Apple

As reported by Chipworks last week, the Apple iPhone 6S is using 2GB of LPDDR4 DRAM. This means that Apple is now joining other phones such as the LG Gflex2, the Samsung Galaxy S6, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, HTC OneM9, and several others in using LPDDR4 RAM.

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Samsung DDR4-3DS 3D Stacked DIMMs using Through Silicon Vias (TSV)

It’s been about 9 months since I blogged on Samsung’s public roadmap and the fact that it carried some 3D Stacked DDR4 Devices using Through Silicon Vias (TSVs). Time for a quick update…

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Do you need DDR4 Write CRC?

A customer asked us, “Do I need DDR4 write CRC beyond a certain frequency?”

The answer is far from simple; it’s dependent on many factors including the type of system it is, the other types of error correction (ECC) that may be in use, the system’s tolerance of errors, and the system’s ability to spare the bandwidth required for the write CRC function. Since I’ve been asked a few times and since the answer is so complex, I created the flowchart here to show some paths through the possible choices.

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AMD GPUs using new HBM DRAM (and the cost/benefit appears balanced!)

AMD announced their new line of GPUs are using the new HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) DRAM technology yesterday. I have known these were coming for a while but the thing that surprised me the most was the relatively reasonable cost for the performance that they deliver – at least, the relationship between cost and benefit of adding HBM to the system appears to be almost linear.

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Row Hammering: What it is, and how hackers could use it to gain access to your system

I have written on the topic of Row Hammering in a White Paper I published last year (link here) but since it is in the spotlight recently I thought I’d dedicate a blog entry to it. I had never considered this to be a security hole until this morning.

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Inside Samsung’s DDR4 Product Guide – DDR4-2400, 8Gb dies, TSV, and 128GB DIMMs

Samsung has posted their DDR4 product guide on their website, and it gives us excellent insight into the direction that Samsung plans to go with DDR4 in the next few months with a lot of data that wasn’t previously publicly available.

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When is LPDDR3 not LPDDR3? When it’s DDR3L…

For years, I have been predicting that Low-Power DDR (LPDDR) devices would make the crossover from mobile devices into laptops.

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