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It’s official: DDR4 support launched by Intel

As predicted in my earlier blog entry, today is the official launch of Intel’s products supporting DDR4.

The press release is here: Intel Press Release and it seems to match earlier predictions on the release of the new eight-core desktop processor, the Intel® Core™ i7-5960X processor Extreme Edition, formerly code-named “Haswell-E”. Other than DDR4, Intel reports that this CPU and its associated X99 chipset will support 10 SATA 6Gb ports and 40 lanes of PCIe.

Along with the announcement, Intel have posted their DDR4 memory validation results here, showing compatibility with DDR4 UDIMMs from Micron, Crucial, Samsung, SK Hynix and Kingston, in 4GB single-rank and 8GB dual-rank capacities, all using 4Gb X8 DDR4 devices running at DDR4-2133 data rate, 1 DIMM per channel, and running all 4 channels.

Although Intel says the will be available next week, at the time of writing at least one online retailer claims to have them available now at $1085.54 and with 170 available.

Let the DDR4 begin!

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