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Crucial announces DDR4 Module Availability

Crucial memory, the DIMM division of Micron, have announced availability of DDR4 DIMM modules in early 2014.

The capabilites of DDR4 are well known from the JEDEC standard and many presentations on the topic, like Graham Allan’s excellent DDR4 Webinar, “Demystifying DDR4 SDRAM for Embedded Applications”.

Crucial, for their part, are touting the DDR4 benefits of 20% less power, 2X faster, and 2X the density of DDR3, including 8Gbit density (1GByte) in a single DRAM package, enabling up to 16GByte UDIMMs. Micron’s own website, at the time of writing this blog, lists several 4Gbit DDR4 parts and it lists one 8Gbit DDR4 part using Micron’s TwinDie(TM) stacking method of putting two memory dies in a package with two chip selects.

Although there were some DDR4-based servers on display at Intel Developer Forum in September, there isn’t a lot of public announced information on which CPUs and Motherboards will be available. At the time of writing this blog, Intel is not posting any DDR4 validation results on its Platform Memory Validation page, but that could change at any time. It’s generally expected in the industry that we’ll see some DDR4-capable CPUs and motherboards in the first half of 2014.

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