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LPDDR3 is in the house!

LPDDR3 is in the house… the Greenberg house that is!

My Wife recently upgraded her phone and chose the LG G2 from the vast array of choices available to her. I was pleasantly surprised to see that LG had included their choice of memory – 2GB of LPDDR3 – right there on the box, in the “Performance” category (top right if you zoom into the photo), although I’m not sure if LPDDR3 was a factor in my Wife’s decision.

LPDDR3 is the latest JEDEC standard for low-power DDR DRAM, sporting a 1.2v interface and having a specification that goes up to 2133MT/s per pin, although some devices may operate at lower data transfer rates.

I’m starting to see a number of devices containing LPDDR3 available for sale in the last few months. The first one that I noticed was in the teardown reports for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and then on Apple’s own website for the Apple Macbook Air, then in teardown reports for the Apple iPhone 5S. This is a technology that will be on the scene for a few years while we are getting ready for LPDDR4.

As for the LG G2, I’m not going to fuel the internet fire of “which phone is better”, I’m just going to say what led one very important consumer (my Wife) to choose the G2. The 5.2″ 1080P IPS screen on the G2 is bright and beautiful. Another factor in my Wife’s decision was the camera (she was a photography major in college), and the G2 has a 13MP sensor that can record 1080P video at 60FPS and also has optical image stabilization.

A couple of other interesting features that weren’t part of my Wife’s purchasing decision but which my colleagues and I may geek out over is support for Miracast(TM) – a wireless standard for projecting High Definition display content from one device to another (think of a wireless version of HDMI) and SlimPort(TM) which allows a wired connection from the micro-USB port on the G2 to DisplayPort(TM) or HDMI with the appropriate cables and adapters.

Overall, the LG G2 is a really nice technology package, and many of the really exciting features are enabled in part by the use of LPDDR3.

LG G2 Box
The box from an LG G2
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