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Fantastic New Blog Post, Honest

This weeks blog can be found here:

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Prototyping Over 700 Million ASIC Gates Using Xilinx Virtex-7 2000T FPGAs

You read the title correctly, this blog discusses prototyping over 700 Million ASIC gates using the Xilinx Virtex-7 2000T FPGA’s. To get to this capacity you need to utilize sixty four (64) FPGA’s. The picture above was taken in the Synopsys HAPS lab and shows part of our Super Chain testing. As noted previously, HAPS documented seamless deployable capacity is 288 Million ASIC gates, which is six HAPS-70 (four) FPGA systems chained together, a total of twenty four (24) FPGA’s. However we have customers where this is not enough. The HAPS solution is modular and scalable with base building blocks of x1, x2 and x4 FPGA systems and supported with a HAPS-Aware design tool flow.

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Want it all? Capacity, TTFP, Performance, Debug and More

Possibly inspired my one of my blogs, Troy Scott, wrote a new whitepaper to help dispel the myths of physical FPGA-based prototyping. TTFP = Time To First Prototype

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Prototyping at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES

Let me be the last to wish you “Happy New Year” and all that….

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New Sexy Videos Posted

We have just uploaded a stack of product videos. Below is a list of the latest three. (I think they are sexy!!)

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How to stand out in a sea of similarity

This week at SNUG Japan I presented on how you can utilize FPGA-based prototyping to differentiate your products. Basically the theme of the presentation was earliest, fastest and highest debug. The earlier a prototype is made available the more productive you can be with it translating into accelerated time to market. The faster the prototype the more tests or complex scenarios could be run translating into higher quality products. With earlier prototype availability and more complex software being run you need better debug capabilities to rapidly track down bugs. The presentation seemed to be very well received and if you have a SolvNet ID you should be able to find the presentation within the SNUG proceedings soon.

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How to shape the EDA landscape and the world we live in

It might be hard for you to comprehend but I have just celebrated my 20th year at Synopsys!!! (I started when I was 12…….. honest and I’ve just celebrated by 29th birthday for the 14th time) This blog is a short history of my time at Synopsys and how I think I have helped shape the EDA landscape which in turn has influenced the world we live in today.

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Solving the ASIC Prototype Partition Problem

A couple of weeks back I posted a humorous list of the quotes I use in my day to day life, one of which is “Hope is not a strategy”

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Off the Cuff Video from DAC meets Zombie apocalypse

One of my worst nightmares is to completely fail at something, actually one of my worst nightmares is a Zombie apocalypse where I am one of the zombies but that’s a story for another day. At DAC I was interviewed by EDACafe, one of those 3-5 minute casual interview videos that are done in one take. They call them casual but I can tell you they are nowhere near casual, I am personally super nervous in these. I am happier with well scripted and edited videos but I also understand that the off-the-cuff videos are well received by the viewer.

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You don’t buy a dog and bark yourself

I have a set of witty one liners which I use to respond to a variety of situations that I encounter in my everyday life. Some are insightful and designed to share my wisdom while others are just supposed to be a little humorous. The title of this blog is one and I have listed a set of my favorite quotes below including the typical situations which I use them. Feel free to use these in your everyday situations as I am sure they will be as impactful for you as they are for me. I might not have been the first person to come up with these quotes so don’t get upset if you use the same ones already.

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