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Video: Using HAPS to Verify DesignWare USB Type-C IP Functionality

In a continuation of last week’s blog titled “Validating USB Type-C using Physical Prototyping” one of the key USB folks here at Synopsys, Morten Christiansen, made a short 30 second video of the DesignWare USB Type-C physical prototype in action. (Click the picture to take you to the video)

DesignWare USB Type-C on HAPS Video

While this video is short it highlights the real world interactivity and full functionality that only a physical prototype delivers, pre-silicon. It’s understated in this short chip but this video shows a real USB Type-C enabled device being connected to a fully functional physical prototyping hosting the DesignWare USB Type-C IP. Talk about risk reduction!!! Just think about what your boss or prospective customer will think of a real working system, huge boost in the overall confidence of the design tape-out. Oh and lets not forget that you have happy software engineers to as they also get a pre-silicon fully functional platform to debug and develop against.

As the leading provider of interface IP, Synopsys has very high quality standards and an operational physical prototype is a key milestone during our IP development.

Thanks Morton for making this short video!! A couple of the readers may know Morton from his participation in the USB Organization. A quick search of his name finds you a list of the USB specs that Morton helped write.

Want to know more about USB Type-C? Just pop over to the “To USB or not to USB” blog.

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I had a couple of FILO days last week, First In, Last Out. There were just not enough hours in the day to get everything done that I wanted. I’m always in the office before the sun comes up but leaving well after the sun had gone down means it was a very, very long day. Super productive though so it was well worth putting the extra effort in. Work hard so you can play hard as they say.

First In, Last Out - My truck in the Synopsys car park

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